More than 20 thousand people rallied in Marosvásárhely to celebrate Székely Freedom Day and demand autonomy for Székely Hungarians

Monday, March 10, 2014

Participants came from all over Erdély, Hungary and other parts of Europe with buses and cars to take part in the rally organized by the Székely National Council.

People gathered at the Székely Martyrs Memorial to remember the martyrs of the 1848 revolution and war of independence executed by the Habsburgs in 1854. The crowd was in a festive mood carrying Székely and Hungarian flags as well as signs demanding autonomy for Székelyland.

The President of the Székely National Council (SZNC), Balázs Izsák read a manifesto that the crowd adopted by acclamation; it suggested that Romania violates its international commitments by not taking into account the Székely people's will restricting freedom of assembly and freedom of speech by citing trumped-up reasons.

"We want dialogue and cooperation to determine the legal status of Székelyland based on the free will of the local community, solidarity and constructive cooperation of all citizens" says the manifesto.

Székelyland should be a separate administrative region, guaranteed by the law; the manifesto calls on Romanian authorities to stop persecuting the symbols of the Székely people and start a dialogue with the Székely National Council about the status of Székelyland.

It is particularly interesting that among the political parties of Hungary only Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona took part in the demonstration.

Jobbik President Gábor Vona and István Szávay are carrying large Székely flags.

Gábor Vona and István Szávay laid a wreath at Székely Martyrs Memorial

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The town is called Targu Mures , this is the official name

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