Ninety-five years ago today the first Soviet Republic (Tanácsköztársaság) was set up in Hungary

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ninety-five years ago today, on March 21, 1919 Bolshevik hordes unleashed a 133-day murderous rampage in the country by establishing the first Soviet Republic (Tanácsköztársaság) and perpetrating one of the most hideous crimes in the nation's history. On this day 95 years ago, Satanic hordes launched a brutally cruel and bloody war against the nation. The massacres that are perpetrated by the Bolshevik monsters (Lenin Boys) filled the whole country with fear and terror.

One of Hungary's greatest novelists Cécile Tormay who was one of the survivors of the Bolshevik hell and who is still blacklisted by the Jews described the eerie mood of the times in her book “Bujdosó könyv” as follows:

„Kinn megint elhallgattak az utcák. És a csendet hirtelen apró szegekkel verte át az ember szíve lüktetése. Hát nem kerülhettük el... Elöntöttek a feltépett kanálisok. Undorodást és szégyent éreztem. Károlyi Mihály kegyelméből cimborája, Trockij ágense, a munkáspénztárak sikkasztója: Kun Béla, uralkodik Szent István Magyarországa felett.

Nincs többé ... nincs többé Magyarország ... Elárulták, eladták. Nincs többé.

Boldogtalan szaggatott nesz hallatszott a torkomban. A szívem megsebesült és vér ömlött belőle, mindenki vére, aki magyar.”

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Anonymous said...

The Hungarian Holocaust!! We need Reparations from the perpetators.

Anonymous said...

The historical record of Communism is hard to deny.

Nationalists, J**** and the Ukrainian Crisis: Some Historical Perspective

Anonymous said...

It should be constantly mentioned, that the leaders were 90+% Jewish, that this in fact was an ethnic Jewish coup/putsch which started the 133 days of terror on the Gentiles of Hungary. It was "antigentilism" - like in the word of "antisemitism". The ideology (communism) was a fig leaf, a smoke-screen, a red herring. It was racial through-and-through - as it was during the same time - in the Soviet Union, by their home-grown and American Jewish bankers' financed judeobolsheviks.

All these so called "communists" with their "lofty philosophy" (bulldung) enriched themselves to the maximum and they fled from Horthy, with massive amounts of gold (mainly jewelry) what they took (robbed and stole) from their victims.

It was about murderous, the seeking and exercising absolute power and butchery of Hungarian Gentiles, looting and of absolutely nothing else.

Always remind others and remember, that it was a singularly Jewish coup, with all of its attendant horrors.

0jr said...

They all look like psychopathic jews.

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