PM Viktor Orbán discussed the Ukrainean situation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Brussels

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Photo: Burger Barna / Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks Thursday night during the European Council meeting in Brussels said Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Peter Szijjártó to MTI.

The two politicians reviewed topics in the summit's agenda, particularly with regard to the new situation in Ukraine.

At the meeting Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Angela Merkel that Hungary would like to see a democratic Ukraine that respects the rights of national minorities.

After emerging from the EU summit meeting in Brussels on Friday Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that the possible wide-ranging economic sanctions against Russia won't affect Russia's participation in the Paks nuclear power plant expansion.

In addition, PM Viktor Orbán remarked that from the Hungarian point of view the democratic Ukraine must adopt European values ​​and implement an immaculate minority policy. The Prime Minister pointed out that the EU urging Ukraine to take the regional and ethnic characteristics of the country into account when drafting a new constitution and show strength against the extremists.

Hungary would not have signed the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union if it had allowed the cancellation of the minority language law. The prime minister made ​​it clear that Hungary has already indicated that the abolition of the minority language law is not only wrong but illegitimate too.

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Anonymous said...

The Western Oligarchs are terrified of the speed of popular self-determination in Crimea - the West de-stabilized Kiev and 3 weeks later, the Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to exit the Western inspired Ukrainian disaster. Nationalists take note - properly executed, self-determination can be very quick !

Crimea’s Reunification with Russia and National Self-Determination Trends in Europe, Time for Peoples to Decide Their Own Fates

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Syria, Kiev Déjà Vu: US State Department Lies About Crimean Snipers
by GlobalResearchTV

US State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki falsly claims that the snipers in Crimea were Russian but has refused to back the allegations with facts or at least explain herself, she ignored the question and just moved on.

See Anastasia Churkina's report on RT:

Flip Flop Diplomacy - US response to Crimea
by RT America

Ukraine, Palestine, Syria:
John Kerry has a Tactic, Not a Policy
by Thierry Meyssan

In the globalized world, every conflict is linked to the others. So what is happening now in Ukraine is reflected in other regions. For Thierry Meyssan, Washington’s rantings are not intended to make war with Moscow, but to urge Europeans to cut off their arm to the greatest US advantage. Similarly, the abandonment of the Geneva process can be a way to sidestep Saudi interests and focus on a settlement in Palestine...

Anonymous said...

The Western Ukrainians are in for a real economic shock - a hard dose of Western style neo-liberal economics - "austerity". They are poor now - they are about to become really poor and have their country asset-stripped by the US + EU + International Mafia Fund (IMF). They will regret ever becoming involved in the Western inspired Kiev coup. Not only did they have to contend with the Ukrainian Oligarchy, now they have the International Oligarchy.

Ukraine, IMF “Shock Treatment” and Economic Warfare

...The rescue rope thrown to Kiev by the IMF and the European Union is in reality a ball and chain. Ukraine’s external debt, as documented by the World Bank, increased tenfold in ten years and exceeds 135 billion dollars. In interests alone, Ukraine must pay about 4.5 billion dollars a year. The new loans will only serve to increase the external debt thus obliging Kiev to “liberalize” its economy even more, by selling to corporations what remains to be privatized.

...Washington’s strategy pursues a double goal: on one hand to put Ukraine in the hands of the US-dominated IMF and annex it to NATO, also under US control; on the other hand to use the Ukrainian crisis, which Washington contributed to create, to reinforce US influence over its European allies. To this end, Washington is coming to an agreement with Berlin on a partition of areas of influences...

Ukraine and the Clinton-Pinchuk Connection. Reeping the Spoils of Regime Change

Crimea: Putin’s Triumph. Now the Confrontation Moves East to “New Russia”

...But Putin justified the Russian proverb: the Russians take time to saddle their horses, but they ride awfully fast...

Sensational News in the World of Finance

How the West Is Reacting to the Reunification of Crimea and Russia

Ukraine: America’s Strategic Error

Anonymous said...

The Ukraine Crisis and Vladimir Putin: A New Financial System Free from Wall Street and the City of London?

...The fascist armed insurrection and the Kiev coup were not simply a war against Russia, they were also a war against Europe. Not the EU bureaucracy in Brussels, whose loyalty lies with the big financial institutions, but the Europe of the various countries reduced to misery and despair by austerity measures and the economic looting of Wall Street and the city of London...
In fact, both, the interests of Europe and that of Russia, lie in a common economic plan for the development of the whole area. This is what was proposed by Putin and by several leaders such as former German chancellors Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder. This is exactly what had to be prevented with the Victoria Nuland $5 billion ‘to help democracy.’ And now, despite all the noises and rhetoric, this is the most obvious direction to go...
The most important point to understand is that this war and looting policy is not in the interest of the Europeans or even of the Americans.

This is the big secret that now cannot be covered anymore. The governments of the US and the European countries are NOT independent entities, they are not sovereign. They do not have the will or even the ability to act on behalf of their people. They are controlled by powerful banking interests. They have been taken over by two financial centers that do not care for the real economy. They pursue only speculation and looting.

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