Romania started criminal proceedings against Jobbik President Gábor Vona

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Romania banned several Hungarian citizens from entering the country on the ground that these individuals (members of Jobbik, the Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement, the "Betyársereg" and the New Hungarian Guard) were involved in "extremist activities" in the territory of Romania during the Székely Freedom Day rally in Marosvásárhely on Monday reads the statement issued by the Interior Ministry of Romania on Friday.

Ministry spokesperson Monica Dajbog held a brief news conference, but she didn't announce the names of those individuals that were affected by the ban (Gábor Vona and László Toroczkai are probably on the list) she only mentioned that proceedings were currently under way against several Hungarian citizens. The spokeswoman informed the media that Romanian authorities would contact their Hungarian counterparts and later on they announce the names of those individuals that were affected by the ban.

Replying to journalist's questions the spokesperson confirmed that in addition to the ban, criminal proceedings have been launched against Jobbik President Gábor Vona, but she didn't give further details regarding the charges.

Jobbik was shocked by the decision of the Romanian government, because the party didn't give any reason to be banned from Romania said Jobbik spokesperson Gábor Pál. According to the spokesman, party chairman Gábor Vona won't respond the accusations before the national holiday on March 15 and before the prime ministerial candidates debate later on.

(Notes: This is a cabal staged scandal timed to inflict maximum damage to the Jobbik party before the general election. The globalist alliance (made up by the Mesterhazy, Gyurcsany, Bajnai gang) is on the verge of collapse due to corruption, infighting and other issues. The globalist alliance wages a negative campaign against Jobbik and in general, against patriotic Hungarians with no result. On the other hand, Jobbik support is growing by the day. The puppet-masters are panicking; they are hoping that the scandal just before the vote makes Jobbik less appealing to the electorate. But this is a vain hope because people understand who are the ones that are pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

It is also noteworthy that both the Romanian puppet government and the Hungarian globalist alliance are controlled by the same dark forces. It is very likely that these forces instructed Romanian authorities to create a scandal just before the general election despite the fact that they have no case against the Jobbik president. This is the point where the story breaks down: the text always breaks down where it is either too strong or too weak.

It seems to me that Jobbik politicians understand the motives behind the cabal orchestrated scandal and smartly, they don't respond to the insults by postponing reaction until after the general election so preventing the globalist alliance from making an election issue out of the scandal.

Jobbik is the only party in Hungary that openly advocates religious reconciliation among the various denominations in Europe and elsewhere; the Jobbik party also urges Hungary's neighbours including Romania to join forces in a friendly spirit and fight together against the west's colonizing policies. This explains why the radical party is so much hated by the globalists.

Jobbik doesn't have a specific ideology and as such, it can't be easily pigeonholed like the other “right-wing” parties of Europe. It doesn't fit into the deceptive “left-right” paradigm either that mainstream politicians and the globalist media use to communicate social and political issues to the public. Because of Jobbik's eclectic approach towards social and political problems it is hard to find a vulnerable weak spot in the party that's why the enemies of the party experiment with various other approaches to discredit it.)



Anonymous said...

If ever the Hungarians would fiend out who are the real string pullers behind all world events they would be seriously surprised . Just one hint...They are speaking an archaic version of the Hungarian language.

0jr said...

No such thing as romanians it's a goulash of people like yugoslvaia ,csehslovakia isrealhell ect created by the evil empires of the west controlled by the jews

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