The globalist alliance is desperate: Agent provocateurs vandalizing Jobbik offices and election posters

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Unknown Liberal-Bolshevik agent provocateurs (most probably paid agents of the Gyurcsany, Bajnai, Mesterhazy gang) painted swastikas on Jobbik downtown office's door Tuesday night and no doubt, the same perpetrators damaging the Jobbik party's election posters as well.

The vandalism seems to be part of an organized liberal-Bolshevik campaign; probably, the same perpetrators vandalized the protective glass of the Horthy statue located at the entrance of the temple of Homecoming painting swastika on it. In all likelihood, the same paid assets have also vandalized the double cross set up by Jobbik near the church.

Gábor Vona: The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance in the former Soviet block was more honorable organization than the European Union

According to Jobbik President Gábor Vona the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance in the former Soviet block was more honorable organization than the European Union because then, Hungary at least could develop its own industry and export its products to all over the world.

The Jobbik chairman talked about these things at a jointly held public forum with Zsolt Fehér in Vac on Thursday.

The Jobbik party prime ministerial candidate added that this situation wasn't the merit of the dictatorial Kádár regime, but it is a disgrace of the current European system.

Vona remarked that only Jobbik can offer solutions for the current economic problems of the country. Neither the Socialist party nor the Fidesz have revealed so far how they would solve the current economic problems.

Jobbik organizes an international conference on protecting agricultural land

Jobbik organizes an international conference on the revision of the agricultural provision of the EU Accession Treaty.

Experts from Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Poland will take part in the conference.

The event will be held at the Radisson Blu Beke Hotel in Budapest on March 14.

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Anonymous said...

The stupids...
They actually believe, that this tactic works, when it's in fact, counterproductive. It achieves the opposite, sympathizers get angry, they'll instigate and agitate further, AND they'll make sure that they and (their similarly inclined friends) WILL go to vote for Jobbik.

In a was it's a good thing, that the perps do not understand psychology - especially of Hungarians...

Anonymous said...

Juice think, that the swastika scares everybody. That was a long time ago...
We had the interned for a while, a LOT of real information - instead of MS agitprop got to the people in the ensuing years.
Now it only scares THEM...

0jr said...

the zionists,commies and nazi jews are getting desperate and need to be dealt with showing no mercy for the traitors

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