The treasonous opposition is about to desecrate the memory of one of Hungary's greatest singers, Máté Péter

Monday, March 10, 2014

HVG reporting that the globalist alliance (Socialist Party, Bajnai, Gyurcsany and other dedicated agents of the cabal like Gabor Fodor) is about to desecrate Máté Péter's memory by using one of his beautiful patriotic compositions as their campaign song.

According to HVG, the song will be performed by a duet and will be played the first time at the national holiday on March 15. Thereafter, the song will be played during campaign events, and also used in campaign videos regularly until April 6.

Let's hope that someone from the late singer's family will take action against the globalist agents and forbids use of the song for campaign purposes.

(HVG –


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