Ukraine quickly turns into a globalist colony

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Tuesday's session of Ukrainian parliament ratified a memorandum of agreement with the European Union on a loan deal of EUR 610 million. In the meantime, the vultures of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) arrived in Kiev and started talks with Ukrainian government officials about a 15 billion dollar loan agreement.

The putschist regime called on the IMF on Thursday to send experts to the country to make preparations for a 15 billion dollar loan agreement.

The head of the IMF gave a "positive " response to the request. Christine Lagarde announced that the IMF and its international partners are already in the discussions of the "assistance" program and the strings attached.

Ukraine illegitimate leaders said earlier that the country needed approximately $ 35 billion aid package to avoid bankruptcy in the next two years.

Meanwhile sources close to the government of Crimea confirmed that Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa turned to them and expressed their eagerness to join an independent Crimean Republic.

The Crimean parliament elected Sergei Aksenov, as the Prime Minister of Crimea on February 27. Aksenov said he recognized only Viktor Yanukovich as the legitimate president of Ukraine and obey only him.

Crimea holds a referendum on March 30 to decide the future of the peninsula.

In the meantime, members of the Ukrainian parliament met representatives of the Crimean assembly and decided to establish a working group to amend the Crimean Constitution.

In the same time, the newly appointed governor of Crimea announced that the region sets up its own Department of Defense. The local security forces - including the police and army - that were previously managed from Kiev, will be consolidated under the control of local government.

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Géza said...

Well read this article. It shows the real face of Orbán!

School students should be given a "European Union education" in the classroom to tackle "ignorance" and growing public Euro-scepticism, according to an election manifesto signed by Angela Merkel and eight other of Europe's leaders. One of them Orbán Viktor!!!!

Rather than scaling back the EU, the EPP will campaign around a five-year programme that will aim to transform the EU into “a genuine political union”.

The German Chancellor and the leaders of Ireland, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Latvia launched the manifesto were in Dublin on Friday.

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