"We are Attila's grandchildren" - Turks staged a sympathy protest in Istanbul in support of Székely autonomy

Monday, March 10, 2014

Turkish friends of Székely Hungarians staged a sympathy protest in Istanbul at the Romanian embassy in support of the Székely autonomy on Sunday. The protest was part of a series of demonstrations held in several European and North-American cities today as prelude to the Marosvásárhely Székely Freedom Day celebration will be held Monday where organizers expecting tens of thousands of people.

Approximately, 60 - 70 people took part in the Istanbul protest in front of the Romanian Consulate General demanding autonomy to Székely Hungarians.

Demonstrators carried Turkish and Székely flags as well as signs with slogans such as "Autonomy to Székelyland", " Message for Europe: We were, we are and we will be," "Székelyföld be unified," " We are Attila's grandchildren", " Sekelistan - Székely Land" and "Székely-Turks - Sekel türkleri".

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