Atlanticists demonstrate at the German Occupation Monument construction site

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Supporters of failed Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and other radical Atlanticists forcibly tore down the fence of the German Occupation Monument construction site, then moved into the space allotted for the planned memorial, and recited of the "Kaddish" prayer.

According to, about 300 people took part in the Tuesday's protest including former liberal members of parliament. Many demonstrators wore the yellow Star of David.

Organizers said they would keep a vigil at the construction site and by all means, they would stop the completion of the monument.

Protest organizers objecting the proposed memorial because according to them, the monument exonerates the Hungarian population from the burden of responsibility for the Holocaust. Although 70 years have passed since the Second World War, organizers are still demanding the collective stigmatization of Hungarians; they want to instill the feeling of guilt in future generation so that by reminding them to this unfounded guilt they can demand financial compensations from Hungarian society until the end of time.

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Anonymous said...

Blamming the entire german nation for nazi crimes has worked very well in bringing down a once proud nation, making it easy to manipulate by western superpowers and with huge guilty complex that has lasted for three generations. Now the globalists try to do the same to Hungary.

Anonymous said...

The Germans, like the rest of Europe are waking up from the Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism fog of deception and self-destruction.

Ethnocentrism in the Social Sciences: An Interview With Prof. Kevin MacDonald

Thilo Sarrazin: An Unlikely Champion
by Michael Colhaze

...Something is brewing in Europe. And even though it does so under a deceptively calm surface, the bubbling and hissing can be heard by anyone who has recognized the officially enforced credo for what it is: a destructive scheme that gives unelected bureaucrats and their shady overlords carte blanche to force an increasingly averse citizenry into abject servitude and downright ruin. The ominous noise, we have ample reason to believe, has also come to the attention of those presently in power, no matter if they are Bilderberg apologists, downright Goldman Sachs emissaries or hordes of spineless satraps who wallow in the parliamentary cream-pies like mice in a Swiss cheese.

The cheese, by the way, brings to mind a recent event in the country of its origin, namely a national referendum where the majority of Swiss citizens voted against suicidal immigration politics enforced by the EC. Upon which, as could be expected, the well-fattened Euro boffins blanched in horror and began to howl the usual catchwords, valiantly led by their German ringleader, one Martin Schulz. Who, as devout Sozi and president of the European Parliament, commands an army of overpaid underlings, all lounging in sumptuous offices or being chauffeured in their fleet of shiny limousines towards the best restaurants and nightclubs, in this way worming out optimum procedures of how to waste the taxpayers hard-earned money.
...And while it happens, and hopefully continues to happen, we must remember that there are men and women afoot who did not operate from behind a computer screen, but publicly undermined the hallowed status quo with courageous proclamations of thinly disguised dissent. Squeezing themselves somehow into the headlines, they emasculated the age-old rule of Silence, a brutal edict of the Media Mafia who never permitted anyone to be mentioned in their global information empire if he or she refused to swear unconditional allegiance beforehand.

The unlikely knight on top of this piece is, within this context, a particularly fine and successful example. Assisted by a robust common sense, sound morals with a touch of compassion, a shrewd command of tactical strategy and the ingenious knack to wrap scandalous heresy into legally imprecise phrasing, has he launched a noteworthy attack on the once impregnable citadel of Germany’s assorted PC punks and their shady overlords. An attack whose repercussions have been clearly felt in Brussels as well...

Anonymous said...

The strategy that was used after the second world war to destroy Germany as a cultural entity doesn't work in the twenty-first century.

ojr said...
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