Attila Mesterhazy the sucker – the leaders of the globalist alliance are feuding

Monday, April 7, 2014

It seems that the masterminds of the globalist's election strategy (Gyurcsany, Bajnai, Fodor) knew right from the beginning that they couldn't win the Sunday's parliamentary election.

In order to save their skins, the tricksters devised a plan; they promoted Attila Mesterhazy as the leader of the globalist alliance who as expected led the schemers into a crushing election defeat. Now, Mesterhazy has to take all the blame for the defeat.

Mesterhazy the sucker, regarded the parliamentary election as an opportunity to take over the fraudulently named Socialist party, rebuild it and in the same time advance his own career in the party by projecting himself as the future prime minister of the country. reported yesterday that a Bajnai strategist noted that Bajnai and his gang already regretting teaming up with Mesterhazy. The strategist said Mesterhazy was the main reason behind the election failure; the sucker has been defeated the second time by Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the strategist.

These kinds of statements clearly show that the tricksters already start distancing themselves from Mesterhazy and blaming him for the crushing election defeat.

Time will tell if Mesterhazy can keep his position as the party leader or he will be replaced with a more charismatic leader that can mobilize the dwindling electoral base of the Socialist party.

Due to the election defeat, Bajnai has already indicated that his party will run independently in the European parliament elections.



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