China offsets Western sanctions against Russia

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

China's ambassador to Russia Li Hui said his country was opposed all sanctions against Russia, and bilateral relations were not to be affected by them.

The ambassador said that the European Union and the United States sanctions against Russia wouldn't solve the Ukrainian crisis, which should be settled by the involvement of the Ukrainian population.

On Monday, Washington sanctioned 17 Russian companies and seven high-ranking Russian officials. The next day, the European Union slavishly followed Washington's initiative by blacklisting 15 Russian and Ukrainian individuals, which show that European Union policies dictated from Washington.

The Chinese foreign minister has also voiced his concerns over the escalating Ukrainian crisis by saying that sanctions would not change anything in the Ukrainian situation but further complicate relations between East and West.

In the meantime, Ambassador Li Hui announced a further expansion of Russian- Chinese economic relations. Russian president Vladimir Putin will travel to China in May when a number of bilateral agreements will be signed between the two countries including the purchase of Russian natural gas by China.

China is not only opposed to the sanctions announced by Washington, but made immediate counter-measures to minimize the adverse effects of sanctions affecting the Russian economy.

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(Notes: This is what a real alliance is all about -- helping each other in times of need. This kind of mutual assistance could never happen in the European Union or any other western organization controlled by the monstrous leech industry that knows only how to loot and pillage other nations.)


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Alexander Dugin: Letter to the American People on Ukraine

Difference Between the two Meanings of Being American (In the Russian View)

1. We distinguish between two different things: the American people and the American political elite. We sincerely love the first and we profoundly hate the second.

2. The American people has its own traditions, habits, values, ideals, options and beliefs that are their own. These grant to everybody the right to be different, to choose freely, to be what one wants to be and can be or become. It is wonderful feature. It gives strength and pride, self-esteem and assurance. We Russians admire that.

3. But the American political elite, above all on an international level, are and act quite contrary to these values. They insist on conformity and regard the American way of life as something universal and obligatory. They deny other people the right to difference, they impose on everybody the standards of so called “democracy”, “liberalism”, “human rights” and so on that have in many cases nothing to do with the set of values shared by the non-Western or simply not North-American society. It is an obvious contradiction with inner ideals and standards of America. Nationally the right to difference is assured, internationally it is denied. So we think that something is wrong with the American political elite and their double standards. Where habits became the norms and contradictions are taken for logic. We cannot understand it, nor can we accept it: it seems that the American political elite is not American at all.

4. So here is the contradiction: the American people are essentially good, but the American elite is essentially bad. What we feel regarding the American elite should not be applied to the American people and vise versa...

1. Now here is what I would say to the American people. The American political elite has tried in this situation as well as in many others to make the Russians hate Americans. But it has failed. We hate the American political elite that brings death, terror, lies and bloodshed everywhere – in Serbia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria – and now in Ukraine. We hate the global oligarchy that has usurped America and uses her as its tool...
5. This is my idea and suggestion: let us hate the American political elite together. Let us fight them for our identities – you for the American, us for the Russian, but the enemy is in both cases the same – the global oligarchy who rules the world using you and smashing us. Let us revolt. Let us resist. Together. Russians and Americans. We are the people. We are not their puppets.

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Alexander Dugin Fourth Political Theory: Some Suggestions for the American People

by Alexander Dugin

People as Existence

Fourth Political Theory refuses three major forms of political Modernity – liberalism, (first political theory), communism/socialism (second political theory) and fascism/nazism (third political theory). So 4PT considers itself as essentially non-modern or counter-modern. That can signify it could be considered Pre-Modern as well as Post-Modern (but this is another Post-Modernity – not purely deconstructive but also re-constructive).

The three main political theories of Modernity deal with their central subject. The subject of liberalism is the individual; that of communism is a class (or rather two antagonist classes); that of fascism is the national State or Race (in national-socialism). 4PT suggests a quite different subject – a fourth Subject. It can be identified as the concept of People (in its easy political version) and as Heideggerian Dasein (in its philosophical version). Alain de Benoist prefers People. Myself, I am inclined toward Dasein. But the sense of two terms in the semantic context of 4PT is not so divergent. People in 4PT is conceived as an existential category. The People is existence. Heidegger said: Dasein existiert völkisch (Being t/here exists as people, through people). To be for concrete human being means first of all to be German, French, Russian, American, Chinese, African and so on. Without this identity the human is deprived of language, culture, mentality, traditions, social status and roles. The People is the reality closest to the very essence of man. Thinking, acting, willing, creating, fighting as man one always thinks, acts, desires, creates and fights as a German, French, Russian, American, Chinese, African and so on.

So people in 4PT is not a formal and explicit category as nation, but an informal and implicit category, that lays below any concretization. So 4PT is dealing with People and regards the world as a multiplicity of peoples, each one of them representing a particular and incommensurable horizon of being...

Three Kinds of Identity

In order to clarify 4PT let us delve into the problem of identity. We propose a methodological schema. We can represent the identity of a certain society or community as having three dimensions...
1. Diffused Identity...
2. Extreme Identity...
3. Deep Identity...

4PT is dealing with people as existence...
...So 4PT in this case is quite clear: it is the invitation to destroy Modernity, resolving its nihilistic enigma and pass to the New Beginning. The individual, the class and nation (race) are all artificial constructions of the perverted and nihilistic metaphysics of Enlightenment. They are forms of unauthentic existence, they mislead the real Self of being t/here and promote by one way or another the totalitarian dictatorship of das Man, of impersonal mechanical power...

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