Globalist agent Gordon Bajnai launched his European parliament election campaign

Saturday, April 12, 2014

One of the country's most vile politicians Gordon Bajnai payrolled by the Center for American Progress Action Fund launched his European parliament election campaign today.

The treasonous politician who suffered a devastating defeat the last week's Hungarian parliamentary election said to his supporters that he was campaigning for a federal Europe; not surprisingly, he supports the destruction of the national cultures of Europe and the colonization of the continent by multinational corporations.

Bajnai told to his supporters that he would fight for a federal Europe in the election campaign as he would fight for his life. (The esoteric meaning of this statement reveals the fact that Bajna was most probably warned by his paymasters if he wont perform better in the European parliament election campaign money would stop coming in. The Americans are not stupid to keep financing a failed politician, a pipsqueak who is unable to meet his obligations whose organization relegated to fringe party status and his electoral support is barely measurable. Bad news for the vampires: Due to his tainted background, his lack of charisma as well as his openly anti-Hungarian stance Bajnai's party will never achieve a major party status in Hungary. It seems that Bajnai is desperate, he is willing to do anything including betraying his country once again just to keep the American money flowing)

Bajnai explained to his supporters that in the European parliament election they run independently so they can openly proclaim their uncompromising support of foreign interest groups, and their dislike of Hungary and the Hungarian people.

Federal Europe is forever! repeated the slogan several times during his campaign rally Bajnai. He is hoping that his overlords will hear his battle cry and at least, for the time being the paymasters won't cut off the money flow.



Angela Bogaczy said...

This venal little man, this model fake-left nation-hater, would no doubt be welcomed by EU fellow travellers, particular by the Commissioners. It will be very annoying, though, to see him passed off there as a representative of Hungarians. (How, anyway, can this happen? The fake-left has taken a drubbing in the Hungarian ballot boxes. He can represent only the ever-ever-diminishing, discredited has-beens.)

Anonymous said...

The little JewJERK wants a federal Europe?
OK. we know he is clever, but obviously not intelligent.
An intelligent person would see with glaring clarity, that the "federalization" of Europe is a only a jewdream, it would not stand the test of time.

Remember Yugoslavia, remember Czechoslovakia, and look at today the Vallons and Flamands in Belgium. the Scots in the UK, Venice in Italy, the Basques and Catalans in Spain.
They do not want to be a "part of a big" they want no federation, they want INDEPENDENCE. Some of them WILL shed blood for it.

"Federal Europe" is a effing, sick Jewish fantasy, where they(!) would be in charge in their derilium tremens.
It ain't gonna happen; there'd be rivers of blood at many places, starting probably in the ex-Yugoslav countries.

Anonymous said...

He wants to avenge his defeat in the general election.

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