Gypsies might have been used as instruments to defeat several Jobbik candidates in the Sunday's parliamentary election

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gypsies played a crucial role in defeating several Jobbik candidates in various constituencies around the country in Sunday's parliamentary election; nonetheless, the patriotic party managed to surprise experts by realizing significant gains in support receiving 21% of the popular vote, which is only 4% less than that of the globalist alliance, which fraudulently calls itself left-wing alliance.

According to the National Roma Self-Government, nearly 300 thousand gypsies took part in the parliamentary election in 19 counties and in the capital.

Preliminary estimates suggest that "nearly 90 percent of gypsies, or approximately 260 to 270 thousand Roma voted for the Fidesz - Christian Democratic party". This result "guarantees that the National Roma Self-Government and the Orbán government continue co-operation in the future as well".

On election day, Jobbik spokeswoman Dóra Dúró called attention to the fact that Ózd Deputy Mayor (Fidesz - Christian Democratic party) Csaba Obbágy handed out gifts and cash to Gypsy voters". Jobbik filed a criminal complaint against the mayor.

The local election commission also established that the mayor indeed bribed gypsies, which is a gross violation of the election law. Fidesz denied the charges.

The spokeswoman explained that activists reported similar incidents in four other towns including Gyöngyös, Szolnok, Baktalórántháza and Szarvas.

Busloads of gypsies were shipped to Jobbik Chairman Gábor Vona's Gyöngyös constituency to vote for the Fidesz party. In Gyöngyös Vona was defeated only with a few hundred votes by the Fidesz candidate said Dóra Dúró.

Although the new election law doesn't sanction mass transportation of voters to polling stations everybody understands that the practice provides ample opportunities for political parties to commit election fraud.

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Anonymous said...

When you alienate one segment of society, guess what, they vote against you.

Anonymous said...

Vona has made a great effort presenting his party as more tolerant and no racist, he even said that working and decent gypsies are his brothers, but blaming gypsies for Jobbik faliure is no more than racism. It is very posssible that the buying of gypsi votes actually happened, it has always happened, but this is far from being the main reason behind Jobbik defeat

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