Hungarian government agency speaking up against the harassment of Hedvig Malina by the Slovak judiciary

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hungary's state secretariat issued a statement regarding the harassment of Hedvig Malina by the Slovak judiciary. The state agency expressed its surprise over the Slovakian judiciary's decision to continue the persecution of the young mother of two children.

Hungarian news agency MTI has been notified over the issue highlighting the fact that the Slovak government has already apologized for mishandling Hedvig Malina's case expressing regret for violating her rights during court proceedings that guaranteed in the European Convention on Human Rights.

It is absolutely scandalous and professionally unacceptable that lately the prosecution ordered the young woman to undergo psychiatric examination on the ground that the court wanted to test her mental capacity at the time when she was attacked and seriously injured by Slovakian chauvinists in 2006.

Earlier, the Slovak Helsinki Committee also protested against the persecution of Hedvig Malina.

The Slovak public prosecutor last week initiated a criminal charge of perjury against Hedvig Malina in Nyitra district court.

The young woman was assaulted by Slovakian chauvinist in 2006 because she spoke Hungarian in public.

Due to the endless, irrational political campaign against her, last year, Hedvig Malina applied for Hungarian citizenship and moved to Hungary with her husband and two young kids.

The Hungarian ministry's statement stressed that Hungary provides consular protection to her during court proceedings and will raise her case at international forums.

Slovakian authorities invented a cruel way of emotionally abusing her and her young kids. Rather than using mail to notify her about court appearances, all official notices have been delivered to her by a uniformed police officer with the obvious intent to terrorize her kids.

Institutionalized child abuse by Slovakian authorities greatly contributed to her decision to flee Slovakia and move to Hungary; in Hungary at least her children are safe from state abuse.

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