Hungarian member of the Ukrainian parliament István Gajdos supports the self-determination demands of Transcarpathian Hungarians

Saturday, April 5, 2014

István Gajdos the only ethnic Hungarian member of the Ukrainian Parliament and the head of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance of Hungarians (UMDSZ) announced in an open letter published on Friday that he supported the joint declaration signed by nearly 40 Transcarpathian Hungarian organizations and three historic churches demanding self-determination for ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine.

The Hungarian MP notified the Transcarpathian Hungarian Association of Large Families that initiated the declaration that he fully supported the initiative and would raise the issue in the Ukrainian parliament. "Both myself and the UMDSZ that I lead agree with the declaration; we all work towards the same objectives therefore, as a member of the Ukrainian parliament I will put the initiative on the agenda," writes the Hungarian MP.

The president of the UMDSZ stressed that the signatories of the declaration pointed out issues that were important for the entire Hungarian community in Ukraine, especially now, when the country was in the process of regulating the status of national minorities.

According to the MP, there is a need for a broad consensus among Hungarian organizations regarding the issues of self-determination because only a united community can effectively fight for its rights. Unity among Hungarians in Transcarpathia is the first step towards achieving these objectives.

"As the chairman of the UMDSZ I will take up the issues outlined in the declaration in the Ukrainian parliament and represent them in the highest forums. I'll do all in my power to prevent the erosion of the constitutional rights of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine" said the politician.

The Hungarian MP is delighted to see that more and more people join the declaration on Internet. He believes that it would be important to show to mainstream Ukrainian society that this is not an individual initiative but a collective one. The UMDSZ asks Transcarpathian Hungarian civil societies and the historic churches to launch a signature collection campaign in support of the declaration writes István Gajdos.

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