Lovely Viktória Váradi now shines as a singer-songwriter

Monday, April 21, 2014

Besides being one of China's favorite TV faces, the lovely Viktória Váradi also working on her music career in the Asian country with a population of over a billion.

Viki Váradi, a Hungarian girl who has been living in China since 2009 is gaining fame as a Hungarian TV personality in China -- she regularly hosts high popularity TV programs and musical events.

Twenty-nine year-old Viktória Váradi was a student of the School of Oriental Languages in Budapest​​. She has been living in China since 2009, when she won the second placed in "Who knows more about China" TV show, a local version of American Idol organized for foreigners. She stayed and continued working in the Chinese television and entertainment industry. Today, she is co-hosting a popular show on Hong Kong Satellite TV.

You can read an interview with her HERE!

For more music videos visit her website (in Chinese)

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