Major Indian cultural event featuring Kurultaj

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Member of the Hungarian Turan Association Zoltán Sólyomfi-Nagy (wearing red costume) with a group of participants

In every three years a unique cultural event is held in India (always in a different city) aiming to introduce the world's ancient cultures to the public.

The one week long conference was held at Haridwar Sanskrit University and featured Kurultaj (the tribal convention of kindred nations) the largest cultural event of its kind in Europe.

At the conference, a slide show-video presentation was given by one of Kurultaj's ceremonial leaders Zoltán Sólyomfi-Nagy that attracted much interest from researchers as well as from the general public. As the news about Kurultáj has already spread to India, organizers of the conference asked the Hungarian delegation for a special presentation elaborating on the scope of the programs of the event and the current state of Hungarian culture.

The talk on Kurultaj attracted much interest from many local scientists and researchers who watched the slide show-video presentation with great interest.

The main organizer of the conference, an Indian biologist Professor visited Hungary in order to explore the divers tradition of the nation, and the people that still practice these ancient customs.

Participants of the conference could also meet Kyrgyz, Maori, Tibetan, Indian, North American Indian, African, Celtic, Sikh ... etc masters, teachers, musicians, dancers exchanging ideas on cultural matters.

Every morning, participants performed fascinating rituals by using original instruments, wearing folk costumes when singing and dancing. During the day attendees could hear lectures on the diverse traditions of the world.

As part of the conference, a Hungarian folk song was performed, and an ancient prayer was recited for world peace.

(Kurultáj is a traditional Hungarian event which takes place every two years in Bugac. The aim of this event is to strengthen the unity of the steppe-nomadic horse culture and traditions between Hungarians and their cultural relatives, Eastern peoples. Last Kurultáj was held in 2010 and 2012.) – wikipedia

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