One of the world's most unique stadiums, the Pancho Arena will be inaugurated on Monday

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The architectural masterpiece will house the Puskas Ferenc Football Academy; the sport facility can accommodate 3,900 spectators and will be inaugurated on Monday during the Puskas Suzuki Cup final.

The stadium has been constructed next to PM Viktor Orbán's house in the village of Felcsút with a population of 1800. The sport facility beautifully incorporated into a rustic and nostalgic small town setting that gives a unique appeal to the structure.

The main purpose of the the Puskas Ferenc Football Academy is to train the most talented junior footballers' of the country.

The stadium is one of the marvels of organic architecture designed in world-famous Hungarian Architect Imre Makovecz's style; the folk motives that incorporated into the design give a unique visual appeal to the facility; even if the structure would be nonfunctional, as an art object or as a giant installation still could attract art lovers from around the world.

The stadium fully complies with UEFA regulations except its size, which is different from the norm, but has been approved by the UEFA at the request of the Hungarian Football Federation. The stadium corresponds to the UEFA III. category standards.

The designer of the stadium is Architect József Őrfi.

Take a look at the images that made just before the Monday's inauguration ceremony.

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Anonymous said...

Our Tax money to decorate Orbans back yard, not to mention the Rudolf Steiner Satanic esoteric design .. You have no idea how dark this hole project is ..

HungarianAmbiance said...

As far as I understand it the structure has been designed in Makovecz's organic style.

Géza said...

Steiner or Makovecz, it doesn't matter. It is criminal to built it when the country is in such a state as it still is. Many Hungarians can hardly eat normal meals every day. Thousends of young people left the country, no jobs, no houses. Many more want to leave.... but Orbán built something like this!! Priorities is the keyword... it is al about the survival of the Hungarian nation or the name of our country "Magyarország? will mean nothing anymore in the near future!

Anonymous said...

It is a very nice stadium ... a very unique one indeed. PM Orban must be proud and he does not seem to care about his own people. Just a stadium built next to his house.

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