PM Viktor Orbán: This is a clear mandate

Monday, April 7, 2014

Voters supported the new public system, the new economic policy and the Fidesz governance said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at an international press conference on Monday in the Parliament as evaluating the previous day's parliamentary election results. A bright future ahead of us said Orbán.

The prime minister said voters rejected the policy of hate and the idea to withdraw from the European Union. He concluded that Fidesz received a clear mandate from the people encouraging the government to continue the policy that started four years ago.

Hungary's position in the EU is not special, we just say things more sharply and we are more determined to stand by issues important to us and implement policies that unusual in the European Union Orbán said.

He also stressed that there was no conflict between Hungary and the European Union.

Answering to an Italian journalist Orbán confirmed that he talked to former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi on the phone Sunday night with whom he discussed the results of the Hungarian elections.

"A bright future ahead of us" Orbán said, adding that Hungary will be the region's leader. He stressed that economic progress over the last one year is not temporary, the country will perform well in the coming years as well. As an example, the prime minister mentioned the capital city, which has developed enormously, and this development will be even more spectacular in the future.

The prime minister added that by Thursday the Fidesz party candidate list for the EU parliamentary election will be ready.

Replying to a question PM Viktor Orbán remarked that the bank tax will remain because it is a reasonable expectation that the financial institutions also pay their fair share in financing public debt.

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