Russian foreign ministry calls on the Ukrainian government to respect the rights of all minorities including the Hungarian minority

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Apparently, the Russian foreign ministry keeps receiving letters from residents of Ukraine asking Russian diplomats to defend their rights and freedoms including access to the media and the right to be able to speak their native languages said high-ranking foreign ministry official Victor Sorokin.

According to the diplomat, certain forces in Ukraine regularly vandalize monuments (The Hungarian “Honfoglalás” monument is regularly targeted by Ukrainian chauvinists. Just a few weeks ago, it was set on fire again).

The Russian politician has also pointed out that recently, four Russian TV channels have been banned from broadcasting in Ukraine.

Ukraine has to overcome internal bickering and settle the crisis as quickly as possible; this requires a constitutional reform and the end of foreign interference in the country's internal affairs said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Internal fightings paralyze the incumbent Ukrainian government preventing it from adopting full and equal rights for all Ukrainians and national minorities, the Russian foreign minister said.

"I doubt that the crisis in Ukraine can be solved without ending internal bickering," said the Russian foreign minister.

"This requires the adoption of a genuine rather than cosmetic constitutional reform and the end of interference in Ukraine's internal affairs by external forces," Lavrov said.

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Anonymous said...

Ukranian hostility towards Russia will not end well in the long run for the Ukrainians - that's certain.
It's an astonishingly stupid stance and tactic, however, we must remember, that the current PM of Ukraine is not an ethnic Ukrainian, but a Jew, who will change country and residence - should things turn sour - at the drop of a hat.

They as a RULE, hate their host country (and it's native inhabitants) so they don't care anyway - as long as the immediate benefits are fat and juicy.

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