Slovakian chauvinists vandalized Jobbik election billboards

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Jobbik activists in “Felvidék” and members of the Slovak National Party clashed over Jobbik election posters in Dunaszerdahely and several other municipalities in Southern Slovakia that mostly populated by ethnic Hungarians reported

Jobbik set up election posters in several “Csallóköz” districts next to the highways earlier in the week. On Tuesday afternoon, Slovakian chauvinists from Pozsony and Nyitra appeared in the municipalities and covered the posters with white sheets. writes that people on the scene tried to stop the vandalism from taking place including the co-owner of the company who has rented the advertising boards to the Jobbik party.

Slovakian chauvinists claimed that the posters violated several laws in Slovakia including the language law, which states that all public information should be bilingual. They also claimed that Slovakia forbids dual citizenship so Slovakian citizens officially can't vote Sunday's Hungarian general election.

After some pushing and shoving the election posters have been covered but a representative of the advertising company said that the posters would be uncovered right after the perpetrators leave the area.

In several other “Csallóköz” settlements Slovakian authorities ordered local officials to cover Jobbik election posters with white sheets writes

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Is it possible to get in this internet site more informations about the campaining and posters of the Jobbik for the next elections. Thanks.

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