The 2014 general election runs smoothly nationwide

Sunday, April 6, 2014

34.3 percent of eligible voters cast their votes in parliamentary elections on Sunday until 1 pm, according to data from the National Election Office (NVI). The turnout was the highest in Heves county 25.04 percent; the lowest turnout has been registered in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, 19.52 percent.

Preliminary figures suggest that fewer people have voted so far than four years ago

Gábor Vona and his family cast their votes in Gyöngyös

UPDATE reporting from Gyöngyös that mass transportation of (bribed) gypsies to voting stations is underway. Sources expecting that the gypsies will vote in the constituency where Jobbik President Gábor Vona runs as a candidate to prevent him from winning his constituency.

Jobbik vice-President Eléd Novák and his wife Jobbik spokeswoman Dóra Dúró cast their votes

One of the prominent members of the Globalist Alliance (Mesterhazy, Gyurcsany, Bajani) former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany does last minute campaigning at Margaret Island

According to, bloodstained clown, former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany (he was the only prime minister in the post-1956 era that ordered police to shoot at protesters in 2006) passing his time by soliciting tourists in Budapest introducing himself as an ex-prime minister of the country; but apparently, nobody wants to believe him

Long lineups at Budapest thirteenth district 56th polling station

Jobbik spokeswoman Dóra Dúró held a press conference in Budapest on Sunday: About five hundred "poor Gypsies" have been shipped to Gyöngyös city to vote. Gyöngyös is Jobbik President Gábor Vona's individual voting district; but Jobbik activists received similar information from Szolnok as well said the spokeswoman.

Jobbik considers these incidents as part of the anti-Vona campaign. She called on every Jobbik supporters to go to the polls to prevent the bribed gypsies to decide on the outcome of the vote.

Dóra Dúró called on all parties not to humiliate and dishonor the residents of Gyöngyös by shipping in misled voters from other municipalities to decide on the outcome of the election.

Sources reporting from Ózd that the deputy mayor of the city Csaba Obbágy distributed gift packages to gypsy voters. According to the party spokeswoman, they have received two hundred irregularity reports from activists regarding violations of the election procedures.

Krisztina Morvai cast her vote

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