The enemies of the nation are hysterical over a Dóra Dúró interview published by ELLE magazine

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The enemies of the nation and the falsifiers of history that control the shitstream media are outraged over an interview given by Jobbik spokeswoman Dóra Dúró to ELLE magazine.

Everyone who hates the country and the Hungarian people pretends outrage that forced the magazine to remove the interview from its website.

Publications that are enraged by the interview include, and the Jewish magazine "Szombat".

In the Jewish publication former Liberal Mayor Gábor Demszky's ex-wife Róza Hodosán unleashed a vitriolic attack on Jobbik spokeswoman Dóra Dúró and the magazine that published the interview.

Hodosán accused ELLE magazine with projecting the image of a good role model of a person that in fact represents a party that openly advocates Nazi ideology. The publication is a slap in the face of all humanitarian ideals writes the hysterical twit.

It is not clear if the editors of the Hungarian edition backed down due to the demands of the liberal establishment or international pressure forced them to suppress the material.

Twenty-six year old Dóra Dúró is the youngest member of the Hungarian parliament. She is a proud mother of two children – one girl and one boy – she is expecting her third child this summer.

You can read the interview with Dóra Dúró HERE in Hungarian

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Anonymous said...

Beware of corporate trojan horses.

How have companies colonized our public life?

Our politicians have delegated power to global giants engineering a world of conformity and consumerism.

How do you engineer a bland, depoliticized world, a consensus built around consumption and endless growth, a dream world of materialism and debt and atomization, in which all relations can be prefixed with a dollar sign, in which we cease to fight for change? You delegate your powers to companies whose profits depend on this model.

Power is shifting: to places in which we have no voice or vote. Domestic policies are forged by special advisers and spin doctors, by panels and advisory committees stuffed with lobbyists. The self-hating state withdraws its own authority to regulate and direct...their analysis of the world's problems is partial and self-serving, casting corporations as the saviors of the world's people but never mentioning their role in causing many of the problems (such as financial crisis, land-grabbing, tax loss, obesity, malnutrition, climate change, habitat destruction, poverty, insecurity) they claim to address. Most of their proposed solutions either require passivity from governments (poverty will be solved by wealth trickling down through a growing economy) or the creation of a more friendly environment for business...
At their worst, they are a means by which global companies reshape politics in their own interests, universalizing – in the name of conquering want and exploitation – their exploitative business practices.

Almost every political agent – including some of the NGOs that once opposed them – is in danger of being loved to death by these companies...
But this, to me, looks like another step down the primrose path. As the environmental campaigner Peter Gerhardt puts it, companies like Unilever "try to stakeholderise every conflict".

By this, I think, he means that they embrace their critics, involving them in a dialogue that is open in the sense that a lobster pot is open, breaking down critical distance and identity until no one knows who they are any more...
But it would be better still if governments and global bodies stopped delegating their powers to corporations. They do not represent us and they have no right to run our lives.

Angela Bogaczy said...

Gábor Demszky's ex-wife Róza Hodosán must be gnashing her teeth. I don't know how many people read Elle, but I know many who do not who have now read this magazine's article about the amiable Dóra Dúró. (An inset photo of bulldoggish Róza would have done nicely here, for comparison.)

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