The EU unanimously adopted a proposal to name an assembly hall in the EU parliament after late Bolshevik militiaman Gyula Horn

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Everybody who understands a little bit about the nature of the European Union expected this outcome -- the European Union unanimously adopted a proposal to name an assembly hall in the European Parliament after late Bolshevik militiaman Gyula Horn.

Gyula Horn was active in the post-1956 retributions that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Hungarians. After the collapse of communism he also served as the prime minister of the country. Horn was a prized asset for both the Stalinists and the globalists; his resilience shows that he knew the secret of how to serve the same masters under different guise.

Socialist deputy Csaba Tabajdi, the head of the Socialist party's EP delegation released an upbeat statement informing the press about the Monday's decision of the EP leadership. Gyula Horn has indisputable merits in the reunification of Germany as well as Hungary's EU accession writes Tabajdi.

Rather than promoting former Bolshevik militiaman Gyula Horn in Brussels, the (fake) Socialist party should instead lobby for decent wages for Hungarian workers that labor under third-world like condition in the sweatshops of multinational corporations earning slave wages writes Jobbik vice-President Előd Novák reacting to the news.

Novák stressed that militiaman Gyula Horn attacked his own people after the defeat of the 1956 uprising by the Soviet army; this shows that the Socialist party is unable to renew itself; former members of the Central Committee of the Communist party are still sitting on Socialist benches in parliament.

As a form of protest against this outrageous decision by the EU leadership, Jobbik will display the photographs of Gyula Horn's victims in the European Parliament writes Előd Novák.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

' his resilience shows that he knew the secret of how to serve the same masters under different guise.' Perfect observation! :)

Thank goodness for Jobbik. At least some people in parliament are prepared to remark on the obscenity of honouring a brigand.

Anonymous said...

The Satanic elites will support any ideology that furthers their agenda and subjugates humanity. It is all about money, power, control and inflicting suffering.

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Anonymous said...

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