The head of the Satanic sect “Hit Gyülekezete” incites hatred against patriot groups

Friday, April 4, 2014

Hidden camera recording shows the leader of the Satanic sect “Hit Gyülekezete” Sandor Nemeth inciting hatred against patriot groups among them the Sixty-four County Youth Movement and Jobbik.

The sect camouflaging itself as a Christian denomination; unfortunately, the Fidesz government recognized the sect as a historic church granting with the same status and privileges as the truly historic churches enjoy.

The sect enjoys the full backing of the globalist opposition, their local agents and the internal enemies of the nation as the sect's main goal is to promote Zionism among zombified audiences.

Rejtett kamerával a Hit Gyülekezetében: A... by kovacs-istvan1889

This explains why the Fidesz government succumbed to pressure from globalists and granted official status to the denomination despite objections and disgust party supporters feel toward this gutter sect. Whenever you speak with Fidesz supporters privately and raise the issue of the status of this demonic sect, they feel embarrassed and don't want to talk about it.

As the election campaign nears the finish line, “Hit Gyülekezete” organizes anti-Jobbik rallies all over the country trying to incite anti-Jobbik sentiments among the populace.

The sect removes all footages of their activities from youtube and other video-sharing websites in order to prevent the general public from finding out what's going on during the satanic séances.

Here you can have a glimpse of what happens when victims and victimizers unite in a common ritual to symbolically reenact their approaching downfall.



Géza said...

this sect will be exposed! God will not allow these lairs to do whatever they like. As a Bible believing christian I really reject these people and where they stand for,it is unbiblical ! I saw these sects all over Europe and the USA. Went to a lot of those rallies of the big shots of the charismatic movement. The sad part is that they fooled a lot of sincere people like Nemeth and his friends are doing with a lot of sincere magyar people! It is good what happens here, exposing these frauds for what they are!

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