The prosecution of Hungarian citizen Hedvig Malina by Slovakian authorities continues

Friday, April 4, 2014

The young mother of two has been assaulted by Slovakian chauvinists in 2006 in Nyitra where she attended university because she spoke Hungarian.

Slovakian police doubt that the young woman was assaulted despite the serious facial injuries she suffered due to the attack. Ever since, she has to endure relentless prosecution by Slovakian authorities; due to the constant harassment she had to flee her birthplace. Last year, she applied for Hungarian citizenship and now, she lives in Hungary with her husband and two of her young children.

Slovakian authorities invented a cruel way of emotionally abusing her and her young children. Rather than using mail to notify her about court appearances, all notices have been delivered to her by a uniformed police officer with the obvious intent to terrify her young children.

Institutionalized child abuse by Slovakian authorities forced her to flee Slovakia and move to Hungary because her children in Hungary at least safe but she still has to attend court proceedings in Slovakia.

In an interview with MTI, the young woman revealed that Slovakian authorities just launched new criminal proceedings against her; this time she is charges with perjury.

Hedvig Malina stressed that she didn't moved to Hungary to escape prosecution, but to protect her children from institutionalized child abuse. Slovakian authorities offered her a deal, if she admits that she lied (and she assaulted herself and her facial wounds were self-inflicted?) they may drop all charges against her.

"I am very pleased that as a Hungarian citizens I can live in Hungary, because this way at least, I can protect my children from the moral rot characterizes contemporary Slovak judiciary and politics" said the young woman to the Hungarian News agency.

This is just a small demonstration how justice works in the European Union in these end times.



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