Twenty American mercenaries have been captured by South East Ukrainian resistance fighters

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

If you wonder why has the Kiev regime suddenly relaunched the anti-terrorist operation in South Eastern Ukraine here is the reason.

South Eastern Ukrainian resistance fighters captured 20 Greystone mercenaries and transported them to an unknown location where they will be obviously questioned about the purpose of their mission. When the foreign mercenaries were rounded up they wore the uniform of the Ukrainian Special Forces, Sokol.

According to Russian intelligence sources, approximately 150 Greystone mercenaries dressed in Ukrainian Special Forces uniform operate in Ukraine.

This also explains what might have been one of the issues on the agenda the last week when the head of the CIA visited Kiev -- right after his departure from the country the Kiev puppet regime relaunched the "anti-terrorist operation" in South Eastern Ukraine.

Udo Winter
Berlin- Kiev


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