Twenty American mercenaries have been captured by South East Ukrainian resistance fighters

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

If you wonder why has the Kiev regime suddenly relaunched the anti-terrorist operation in South Eastern Ukraine here is the reason.

South Eastern Ukrainian resistance fighters captured 20 Greystone mercenaries and transported them to an unknown location where they will be obviously questioned about the purpose of their mission. When the foreign mercenaries were rounded up they wore the uniform of the Ukrainian Special Forces, Sokol.

According to Russian intelligence sources, approximately 150 Greystone mercenaries dressed in Ukrainian Special Forces uniform operate in Ukraine.

This also explains what might have been one of the issues on the agenda the last week when the head of the CIA visited Kiev -- right after his departure from the country the Kiev puppet regime relaunched the "anti-terrorist operation" in South Eastern Ukraine.

Udo Winter
Berlin- Kiev


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Brotolemaeus said...

Laughable propaganda, post some hard evidence of these spooky mercenaries. If it was actual PMCs over there conducting these shoddy raids, they would have been much more successful, even against the Russian plants among the separatists.

Anonymous said...

Propaganda at it's worst. Puppet regime? How about speaking against the obvious Russian land grab?

Anonymous said...

South Eastern Ukrainian resistance fighters my ass, they're Russian Fifth Columnists. Armed by Russia = tools of Russia.

Anonymous said...

Based on the above seen appearance of 3(!) identical-in-content anti-Russian "comrnents" we safely say, that the Western (read: US and Israel) shill and troll activity is alive and well - even here.

Anonymous said...

Well done to the Ukrainians who have caught these men. American propaganda is the best in the world. The above comments probably come from CNN readers.

Anonymous said...

Before we start spouting out who is using propaganda, why don't we ask ourselves who can freely view any website. There are no banned websites in America.

As far as the article is concerned... Seriously you are going to claim 150 people are captured, but you don't even have a picture. The audacity of posting this with no evidence is brilliant.

HungarianAmbiance said...

Did you visit the "source" link at the bottom of the article?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the source link that has a picture of what appears to be a training exercise as "captured mercenaries"? We aren't talking about Russians capturing Ukrainian military, we are talking about mercenaries. Mercenary fighters don't just get captured... This is a huge claim... at least give us a picture, and then do more research. The American's aren't even saying that Russian troops are on the ground, just that they are behind them.

Which you probably don't know if you are living in Russia, because you can't read news sites that Mr. Putin won't let you.

HungarianAmbiance said...

I claim nothing, I just re-published a peace of news appeared in the Russian press; that's all.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for a picture or any proof. Especially today, with the legitimacy of US having been blown by NSA spying scandals against the allies, the release of empirical evidence would be such a political blow, the repercussions of which would be disastrous for the US on every level, from economy to military presence across the globe to local electoral candidacies. With that in mind, there is much more to achieve for Russia to keep the "hard evidence" away from the public and use it as a tool of political pressure against the US.

Anonymous said...

The more so as now, pals, the very Swedish and Polish veterans of war in Donbas publicly confirm the participation of NATO officers and EU secret service agents in the combat actions in South East of Ukraine

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