Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych imminent return to Ukraine is rumored

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych said to return to Donetsk next Sunday reporting the Regnum news agency citing an anonymous source at the Polish Embassy in Ukraine.

Yanukovych's impending return to Ukraine has not yet been confirmed by official sources. However, soon after he was forced to leave Ukraine he announced that he would return to Ukraine in the near future. At that time, Yanukovych said the time hasn't been right yet meaning that the head of state was in possession of some essential information relating to the unfolding crisis in Ukraine; something will happen soon that Yanukovych knows but the West does not.

Yanukovych's remarks to return to Ukraine in the near future, at the time seemed to have been unfounded. But now the situation has changed. If the head of state returns to Donetsk and strikes a deal with the newly proclaimed independent state authorities, in spite of Kiev objections he as a legitimate head of state could legitimize the secession of Donetsk from Ukraine.

Yanukovych's return would also clarify the situation in the whole country: the democratically elected head of state is in Donetsk and not in Kiev. This would allow the restoration of law and order in western Ukraine with military force while Eastern Ukraine's Russian speaking citizens could decide on joining the Russian Federation or remaining part of Ukraine.

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