According to unconfirmed reports, ethnic Hungarians have been killed in military operations in the Donetsk region

Monday, May 26, 2014

According to unconfirmed reports, three ethnic Hungarian conscripts have been killed in various military operations in the Donetsk region reporting the World Federation of Hungarians news service. Two of the casualties were residents of Bátyu and the third one of Mezőpapi.

Reportedly, the three fallen soldiers' parents were told to bring their children's bodies home at their own expense.

The World Federation of Hungarians opposes the conscription of young Transcarpathian Hungarians in the Ukrainian army to use them as cannon fodder in the ongoing conflict.

The Hungarian umbrella organization called on its Transcarpathian members and sympathizers to report cases when ethnic Hungarian conscripts have been deployed in conflict zones in the Southern regions of Ukraine.


Anonymous said...

God damn i am mad, if this is true then, what the hell is Orban waiting for, send the army to protect the hungarian peopel and any other minority that is being forced to serve kiev!

Anonymous said...

A MVSZ kapja be a faszt. Mocskos hazug állatok.
Mezőpapi település nem is létezik. ez az egész egy nagy kamu, csak arra jó, hogy belerángassák Magyarországot a konfliktusba.
Baszódjon meg az összes buzi szarkavaró provokátor.
Az MVSZ hazaáruló disznóhorda!! Semmi közük a Magyarsághoz!

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