Czech proposal: Launch Russians language TV station and disseminate EU and pro-American propaganda in Ukraine!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Czech Republic suggested to its Visegrad partners to set up a joint Russian - language television station to disseminate EU and pro-American propaganda to ethnic Russians in Ukraine! The idea attracted great interest among the V4 countries reporting MTI.

The Czech proposal says after the outbreak of the Russian - Ukrainian conflict Kiev closed down the country's Russian language television stations, but hasn't offered anything in exchange.

If we want to make Ukraine a stable country just like the rest of the post-Soviet states we need an Ukraine with well-informed citizens; therefore, the country needs free media. Television has particular importance in this regard because it can attract large audiences said Petr Drulak the Czech first Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Slovakian officials reminded the mastermind of the proposal that the project could cost hundreds of millions of crowns each year, and that amount of money can't be allocated by the Visegrad countries alone, so the television station funding should be broad-based, the European Union should also be involved in the funding of the project.

Lidové Noviny remarked that the idea was not new; some time ago, the Baltic states also attempted to launch a similar television station aiming to cover the entire post-Soviet region but the project was dead in the water.

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