Former communist Interior Minister Bela Biszku sentenced to five years and six months in prison for war crimes

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Former communist Interior Minister Bela Biszku was found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to five years and six months in prison on Tuesday by the Metropolitan Tribunal. According to the verdict, Biszku as an instigator was responsible of committing war crimes after the 1956 revolution was crushed by the Soviets.

The verdict is much milder than the prosecution has requested; the prosecution sought life imprisonment for the former communist official.

Bela Biszku was charged with war crimes last October. The prosecution has proved that Biszku was directly responsible for causing the loss of life of at least three individuals near the West Railway Station on December 6, and he was found guilty as a conspirator in a shooting the claimed the life of 46 people in Salgótarján on December 8, 1956.

In addition, Biszku was charged with failure to report an atrocity took place on March 9, 1957 when Bolshevik henchmen beat to death three people in Martonvásár. Biszku was also charged with keeping ammunition without a license, which were found during searches of his home on September 10, 2012.

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