Former minister that supervised the intelligence agencies ridicules the “espionage” charge against Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács

Friday, May 16, 2014

"I am very surprised that the Constitution Protection Office publicly accuses an individual with espionage. Counterintelligence agencies are not in the business of accusing anyone publicly with spying but exposing and catching spies" said former minister responsible for national intelligence agencies András Gálszécsy in a TV magazine.

If the Hungarian intelligence agency has compelling evidence against Béla Kovács who is accused of spying as a MEP against the European Union then the agency should have contacted with the Belgian intelligence agency asking them to set up a situation where Mr Kovács could be caught red handed handing over sensitive information to foreign agents said the former minister.

"So I don't understand what's going on here," said Gálszécsy who was minister without portfolio supervising the agencies between December 20, 1990 and February 29, 1992.

(Note: This expertly opinion indicates what most people with average intelligence have suspected right from the beginning: Accusation against Jobbik politician Béla Kovács is a character assassination attempt by the Fidesz run shitstream media ordered by the foreign overlords of the government. By publishing flimsy lies like this “Magyar Nemzet” utterly despises its readership as the media outlet assumes that the readers of the paper are so dumb that they buy any kind of garbage. The national daily with the espionage fairy-tale story insulted the intelligence of its readership. This story may come back to haunt those expected benefits from it as the more intelligent Fidesz voters will think twice to continue supporting a party whose media use Stalinist methods to discredit its opponents, in the meantime treat sympathizers as idiots incapable of objective and rational thought.)

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Angela Bogaczy said...

Excellent commentary! It's interesting that the international media, rabidly Jobbik-hating as we know, have not touched this one. Clearly, they recognise it as the 'espionage fairy-tale' it is.

Very disappointingly, PM Viktor Orban, asked what he knows about the claim against Bela Kovacs, answered: 'Enough'. He did not expand on this terse response, but it does show him complicit in the spinning of this tale. That is unexpected, and very saddening.

It is good, however, to read the commentaries in the Hungarian non-fake-left press. They show that people are not buying the spy tale. Indeed, one may safely predict that the tale-spinners will find it back-firing on them.

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