Globalist hysteria campaign against Jobbik MP Tamás Sneider

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The head of European Parliament Socialists group leader Hannes Swoboda criticized Jobbik MP Tamás Sneider's nomination to the position of the vice-President of the National Assembly.

The overwhelming majority of the Hungarian Parliament – with the exception of four Fidesz MPs -- supported Tamas Sneider's nomination.

Hannes Swoboda accused the Jobbik politician with racism; he called Tamás Sneider a person who "attacks minorities without regret" (which is of course a brazen globalist lie).

The globalist politician called Sneider a neo-Nazi.

"This vote is a disgrace," said the head of European Parliament Socialists group leader in a press release. The treasonous Hungarian socialist party is also a member of the socialist fraction in the EU parliament.

(Note: As a teenager, Tamás Sneider had a brush with the skinhead movement; as an activist, he had a disagreement with a gypsy criminal, which ended up in a fight; as a result, the gypsy criminal suffered a minor injury - a split lip - and the case ended up in court. Most of the charges against Sneider was dropped due to lack of evidence. The globalist parties that committed indescribable crimes against the Hungarian people in the past twenty years by looting the national wealth and committing many other abhorrent crimes including high treason of course, seized the opportunity to attack the Jobbik party. Most probably, they are the ones that fomenting anti-Hungarian sentiments in the foreign media on a regular basis. These disinfo agents even arranged to name an assembly hall in the European Parliament after late Bolshevik militiaman Gyula Horn who was heavily involved in the post-1956 retributions by sending hundreds of people to prison and to the gallows. There is no way you can compare the crimes of the globalists – former communists -- with Tamás Sneider's adventure with a repeat offender gypsy criminal. What really contemptible about the globalist parties is the fact that with such a tainted background these people have the audacity to accuse anyone with any kind of wrongdoing.)



Anonymous said...

Swoboda (an unelected usurper of power) should be told bluntly, that it is none of his fucking business whatsoever who is put into what position in a democratically elected parliament, especially if the said individual is also an elected(!) member.

The fucking nerve this shithead has...
The time is ripening...

Anonymous said...

Sneider will be judged by the quality of his performance to be sure by his Hungarian brethren and none of the EU's business.

The one thing that always bothered me about this guy is the crap he tried to pull on his parents by trying to have them committed in order to acquire their vineyards because they wouldn't fork over money (almost 9 million HUF?) that he wanted at the time. His folks were found perfectly sound and his old man called him a worthless lazy POS.
Lot of my friends in Eger have little respect for him because of that...

Anonymous said...

Interesting "Grey propaganda" the comment above. The commentator initially agrees with the post in the first paragraph. In the second paragraph, the commentator introduces unsubstantiated innuendo to try to undermine the post - a character assassination. The Globalists are desperate to maintain their propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it... all my 30+ years friends in Eger who have lived there all their lives are liars but you provide zero references to refute what they say which frankly in Eger is common knowledge and his parents suing him is public record.

So you assholes who run this site revert to the only thing you know; cheap tiresome partisan "globalist political propaganda.for dummies." Jesus be mature and "man up" for christsakes.

Maybe Sneider has grown up and regrets some of the things he has done in the past. I regret some stupid things I did when I was young as do most people. I certainly don't deny them, only cowards do that.

Anonymous said...

^^^ (above)
Shill post. Sidetracking the issue.
Sneider's previous doings and shithead Swoboda's crap have nothing to do with each other.
Nice try shill, but you are too stupid to pull it off. Go back to your sandbox, and play with the other stupids.

Anonymous said...

@ ^^^

What issue moron? In my first comment I said it wasn't the EU's business what Sneider does IAW his duties in the democratically elected Hungarian Parliament. I wish him the best of luck.
Pull what off? I said the only thing I didn't like about Sneider is what he did to his parents and I'll stand by that all day long.

The only idiot in the sandbox is you and as usual playing with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Just curious on where you got the information in the "Note" portion of this article because that sounds a little subjective to me... Could you cite your sources?

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