It's pathetic: Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács accused of spying for Russia in the EP election campaign finish

Thursday, May 15, 2014

As expected, Prosecutor Peter Polt asked Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament through diplomatic channels to suspend MEP Béla Kovács EP immunity.

Fidesz party newspaper "Magyar Nemzet" citing unnamed sources claiming that the Constitution Protection Office filed espionage charges against Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács.

In order to heighten the anti-Jobbik hysteria in the EP election campaign finish the newspaper remarked that Béla Kovács activity has already attracted the attention of the civilian counter-intelligence agency, as the parliamentarian "by using conspiratorial ways regularly meets Russian diplomats, and visiting the Russian capital on the monthly basis".

Jobbik has predicted the attack

Jobbik is not surprised by the attack against Béla Kovács by forces want to colonize the nation. In a press conference last Friday, Márton Gyöngyösi indicated that Atlanticists exerting international pressure on the Fidesz government to get rid of Jobbik Politician Béla Kovács; now, this suspicion has been confirmed.

MP Márton Gyöngyösi called on the Government to reveal whether it has been placed under international pressure by foreign entities forcing officials to start proceedings against Jobbik to prevent the patriotic party from finishing ahead of the fake leftist Socialist party in the EU parliament election.

According to press reports, after the general elections PM Viktor Orbán and U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden talked on the phone when the U.S. vice-president demanded strong action against Jobbik and especially against MEP Béla Kovács before the European Parliament elections.

According to reliable sources, it is expected that the ridiculous and baseless charges against MEP Béla Kovács will be dropped within a few weeks after the EU parliament election. Sources indicated that in the coming days however, even more attacks will be unleashed by the pro-government media against Jobbik in an attempt to implicate the party in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict by attacking one of its internationally recognized experts with excellent Russian connections.

Béla Kovács "I've never cooperated with any Secret Service, I initiate a public hearing"

I've never been a member of either the Hungarian or any foreign secret service, I've never worked for them, and there was never such a request on their part said Béla Kovács at a Budapest press conference on Thursday.

The Jobbik politician firmly rejects the accusations against him launched by Fidesz web portal "Magyar Nemzet". The Jobbik EP representative announced that he would call on the security committee of the National Assembly to hold a public hearing in the case.

In addition, Béla Kovács indicated that his cross-country campaign tour would continue as planned and the smear campaign had no effect on the campaign.

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(Note: By using the most vile Stalinist methods to character assassinate a politician the corrupt shitstream media even tried to implicate Kovacs' wife in the spying fairy-tale by accusing her of being a Russian agent as she is a Russian national. This shows how desperate the enemies of the nation are. But most probably this flimsy, underhanded attack on one of the EU's most skillful politicians won't have any effect on the outcome of the vote because the globalists are completely discredited among even the half-awakened segment of society; not to mention the nationalists, which include a big chunk of Fidesz supporters as well.)


cr4yv3n said...

The AENM is widdely know to be influenced by Russian far-right extremist parties and Alexandr Dughin's rhetoric.
It is not a far stretch to think Jobbik who still dreams of "conquest" would suck up to Putin in the hopes Hungary might get some scraps from the "master"'s table.

Géza said...

again it only shows the real face and agenda of Orbán and Fidesz... and who are really in control of Fidesz!

Angela Bogaczy said...

The Fidesz direct involvement was a shock. I held out hope, until it was impossible to hold it, that it is just an MN cheap shot (albeit an uncharacteristic one). I had estimated Viktor Orban to be above this sort of thing.

Still, as several Hungarian papers, and masses of their readers, are remarking: This is a very strange way of going about apprehending a spy. All in all, the Hungarian public is finding it funny. It certainly is helping, not hindering, Kovacs's chances of re-election to the EP.

Angela Bogaczy said...

@ cr4yv3n

Jobbik is a committed, active and able patriotic party. It is astonishingly successful despite its globalist detractors, of whom, it appears, you are one.

@ Géza

You are so right … unfortunately.

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