Jobbik President Gábor Vona doesn't shy away from challenges

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gábor Vona is more than happy to attend the National Security Committee meeting to clarify the baseless espionage allegations against MEP Béla Kovács. (The funny thing is that it was Béla Kovács who asked for a public hearing in the case but Fidesz insisted that instead, party President Gábor Vona should attend the meeting). Vona said Jobbik had nothing to hide; the party treats the accusations against Béla Kovács as part of a smear campaign to discredit Jobbik.

Unlike globalist agents and proven traitors like Attila Mesterhazy, Ferenc Gyurcsány and the rest of the liberal establishment, Jobbik President Gábor Vona will attend the National Security Committee meeting Monday morning writes the Jobbik party president in a statement released on Saturday.

Our honest cooperation with the National Security Committee will prove that we are innocent of the charges; in the meantime, we take the opportunity to call the Hungarian people's attention to the fact that the May 25th EU parliamentary elections will be a contest between the Atlanticists -- Fidesz and the fake Socialist party -- and the Jobbik party writes Vona.

Fidesz proposed on Friday that the National Security Committee should question Jobbik President Gábor Vona regarding the spying allegations against MEP Béla Kovács. Ruling party's spokesman Robert Zsigó said at a press-conference that the National Security Committee wanted to know if besides Kovács there were other foreign agents in the Jobbik party and what were their sphere of influence.

Jobbik held a special press conference on Saturday when Jobbik spokesperson Adam Mirkóczki expressed his surprise over the National Security Committee's decision to question Jobbik President Gábor Vona rather than MEP Béla Kovács who is accused with the crime. This proves that Fidesz has no case against Kovács; the espionage fairy-tale is just a despicable political attack on the Jobbik party.

Mirkóczki said: Jobbik has never received funding from any foreign country or international organization (unlike the globalist opposition - Mesterhazy, Gyurcsany, Bajnai); this has been confirmed by the National Audit Office as well.

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(Note: You can be sure that this sneaky attack on one of the EU parliament's most skillful politicians – Béla Kovács – will result at least 2-3 percent increase in popular support for the Jobbik party. If you read pro-Fidesz media comments (for instance Magyar Hirlap) you learn that Fidesz voters are just as outraged as anyone else with a functioning brain over this despicable attack on the Jobbik party in the EP election campaign finish. If the puppet-masters hope that by pressuring the government to use Stalinist methods to discredit the Jobbik party they will be bitterly disappointed when the May 25th election results will be announced; unless, they rig the vote because that possibility can't be discounted either.)


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