Jobbik: The United States of Europe or the Independent States of Europe, that is the question?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

According to Jobbik MP Zoltán Balczó, the most important issue of the Sunday's EU Parliament election is whether the project of the United States of Europe will get go ahead or the vision based on cooperation among the Independent Nations of Europe will prevail.

At his Veszprém press conference the Jobbik politician remarked that the composition of the new European Parliament will decide on the future of Europe. The main question is whether Europe becomes a federal state where a single center manages 500 million people by forcing the countries of Europe to give up their national independence or transform the organization into an economic association of European States.

Cooperation between the independent states of Europe is clearly the option that the Eurosceptic parties of Europe support. Jobbik is behind this initiative one hundred percent. This vision of Europe also foresees cooperation between the EU member states but in much less extent than the supporters of the United States of Europe envision it.

Regarding Jobbik's EU election program Balczó remarked that one of the most important goals of the Jobbik party is to renegotiate the Treaty of Accession and ask Hungarians to approve the result of the renegotiated treaty in a national referendum because the current agreement discriminates against Hungary in many respects.

The aim of the Jobbik party is to explain the benefits and the disadvantages of being a member of the European Union to the people.

Regarding EU grants and funding projects, Balczó remarked that the EU was always careful not to make an economically strong country out of Hungary, which could be a competitor to the first class nations of the European Union; therefore, most EU funds that were awarded to Hungary have been given to multinational corporations.

The Jobbik politician stressed that his party's exit from the European Union is not on the agenda.

Finally, Balczó remarked that a "grand coalition" has been formed among all Hungarian political parties in order to undermine the popular support of the Jobbik party, which is currently over 20 percent among decided voters.

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EU elections: Seven regions in Europe that would rather go it alone

As EU parliament elections loom, the number of regions seeking to go it alone is increasing. Both resurgence in nationalist pride and disappointment at Brussels’ centralized economic management have led to an increase in separatist moods...

Scotland, Catalonia, Venice, Flanders and Wallonia, Brittany, Sardinia

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The New Cold War’s Ukraine Gambit by Michael Hudson

Finance in today’s world has become war by non-military means. Its object is the same as that of military conquest: appropriation of land and basic infrastructure, and the rents that can be extracted as tribute. In today’s world this is taken mainly in the form of debt service and privatization. That is how neoliberalism works, subduing economies by indebting their governments and using unpayably high debts as a lever to pry away the public domain at distress prices.

It is what today’s New Cold War is all about. Backed by the IMF and European Central Bank (ECB) as knee-breakers in what has become in effect a financial extension of NATO, the aim is for U.S. and allied investors to appropriate the plums that kleptocrats have taken from the public domain of Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet economies in these countries, as well as whatever assets remain...
The West’s ideological victory – or more to the point, the neoliberal anti-labor, anti-government and pro-Wall Street game plan – was sealed at the Houston summit in July 1990. Russian Prime Minister Gorbachev and other Soviet leaders endorsed the World Bank/USAID plan for shock therapy, privatization, deindustrialization and a wipeout of domestic personal savings (characterized as an “overhang”) to start by impoverishing the population at large and vesting an overclass with the most unequal distribution of wealth in the Northern Hemisphere.

U.S. Cold War advisors urged Russia and other post-Soviet states to give hitherto public assets and property to individuals, preferably to plant managers and political insiders. The cover story was that it did not really matter who got them, because private ownership in itself would lead the new owners to re-organize production along the most profitable lines. Pinochet’s Chile was held out as a shining success story, and a right-wing Pinochetista movement started in Russia.

The Communist Party nomenklatura, Komsomol leaders such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Red Directors were excited by these neoliberal promises to turn over natural resources, real estate, infrastructure and factories to themselves. The sanctimonious pretense was that property has its own logic of self-interest, which serves the social good because wealth will trickle down to uplift the population at large.

In practice the neoliberal “free market” turned out to be a euphemism for looting...

Stockholm Syndrome in the Baltics

This article examines how neoliberal policymakers trained in the United States captured Latvia’s economic policy to impose pro-rentier, pro-bank, anti-labor tax and financial policies. Latvia’s national interests were subordinated to those of the banks, which were mainly Swedish...

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Ramzpaul - Multicultural Chaos, Peaceful Nationalism & White Guilt

Ramzpaul is known for his iconoclastic YouTube show that mocks cultural Marxism, mostly satire that pokes fun at the establishment. In the first hour, we'll discuss why ethnicity is important and how it stands in the way of the elite. We laugh at stupid things fanatically politically correct people say and the absurd notion of a one size fits all approach. Ramzpaul explains why he's a nationalist for everyone and how it can solve conflicts. We'll talk about foisted White guilt and the ridiculousness of "White privilege." Paul shares what he believes is at the root of "White guilt." In the second hour, we'll discuss how multiculturalism is creating unnecessary conflict. Cultural Marxists are waging war on reality, pushing their religion of egalitarianism. Ramzpaul speaks about nationalism as a way to preserve diversity. Later, we discuss being brave to speak out against the lies and hypocrisy and to stop self censorship in fear of being labeled the "r" word. At the end, Ramzpaul shares his opinion on how multiculturalism will play out.

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