Kiev launched new offensive in the Donetsk region

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ukrainian special forces launched a coordinated operation in the Donetsk region near Mariupol; the primary targets of the offensive are the checkpoints set up by federalist forces. The head of the self-defense force of the city said the offensive has been launched against their positions in all parts of the city.

Mikhail Krutko the leader of the local self-defense force said there was no accurate information about casualties due to the faltering communication network in the city.

The Ukrainian army encircled Mariupol on May 3. During the cover of the night troops entered the city center and attacked several government buildings occupied by federalist forces. But, an extensive offensive has been delayed up until today.

Kiev's possibilities are limited. It seems that NATO still hasn't deployed enough American troops in Ukraine (with the exception of mercenaries), that's why Kiev can't launch several offensives simultaneously.

The other problem is that Ukrainian army units regularly switch sides therefore, Americans do most of the fighting; which also explains the brutality of the punitive actions against the civilian population.

The illegitimate Kiev regime sends foreign mercenaries -- dressed in Ukrainian army uniform -- to the front line and keeps its own troops behind the lines as they are unreliable.

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Anonymous said...

How Neo-Nazi Thugs Supported by Kiev Regime Killed Odessa Inhabitants. Photographic Evidence

he following text and photos were sent to Global Research. They indicate a carefully planned agenda to incinerate people inside the Trade Unions building.

The images as well as reports suggest that the death toll was significantly higher than that published by the media.

The Western media has been involved in acts of coverup and distortion, describing the self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi Brown shirts as nationalists and “honest patriots”. Western governments have casually blamed the atrocities in Odessa on “pro-Russian paramilitaries”.

The Neo-Nazi thugs are directly supported by the Right Sector and Svoboda which play a central role in the coalition government. The Right Sector is supported by Washington.

The Neo-Nazi mobs in Odessa bear the hallmarks of US sponsored terrorism (e.g Syria) trained to commit atrocities against civilians. America’s Neo-Nazi Government in Kiev is a reality. Confirmed by Germany’s Bild: “Dozens of specialists from the US Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation are advising the Ukrainian government”...

Ukraine: Massacre in Odessa – So-Called Pro-Russian Masked Gunmen Coordinated by Local Police
Genocide in Novorossiya and swan song of Ukrainian statehood

The Odessa Massacre: How the Corporate Media Whitewashes Ukraine

Washington Responsible for Fascist Massacre in Odessa

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