Krisztina Morvai reveals the secret behind the Jobbik phenomenon

Monday, May 5, 2014

I've read recently that the globalist parties are furiously looking for the secret behind Jobbik's election success. Now, I'll reveal what they should do if they want to wipe Jobbik off the map writes Morvai on her website.

Talk to that segment of Hungarian society, which is not part of the privileged multimillionaire class. Talk to workers that toiling as slaves for less than minimum wages in total deprivation in multinational assembly plants or in food chain stores. Talk to small farmers who suffer from the artificially depressed prices, from speculator traders, and from lack of available farmland created by bankers, oligarchs and foreign land-grabbers. Talk to small farmers that are afraid of crop thefts, cattle thefts, and violent crimes. Talk to small entrepreneurs, who do not understand why does the government subsidize multinational corporations rather than them who can't compete with the heavily subsidized multinational corporations and the shoddy Chinese goods.

And if you talked to this segment of society think what to do next, represent their interests or keep continue serving the interests of banks and multinational corporations.

That's it!

Oh, I almost forgot. Stop plundering the national wealth and rewarding your circle of friends with fat paychecks!

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