National economic policy and European wages! - Jobbik introduces its EU election program next week

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jobbik introduces its European Parliament election program next week announced MEP candidate Gábor Staudt in Budapest on Sunday at the party's new campaign poster presentation press conference.

EU promoters fooled the Hungarian people into believing that if they gave up their national self-determination they would live better, but instead they lost their rights and economic freedoms said the Jobbik politician. He added that the new campaign poster that says "National economic policy and European wages!" suggests that if the idea of the Independent Nations of Europe can't be realized effective national self-determination won't be possible in the European Union and as a result, the Hungarian people would never be able to improve their lives.

We would like to see an active election campaign so that voters can receive as much information as possible to have a clear vision in deciding what party they want to send to the EU parliament to represent their interests.

That is why Jobbik initiated a national debate between the leaders of the various parties run candidates in the EU parliament election. MEP Krisztina Morvai who leads list of Jobbik candidates is ready to debate at any time said Staudt.

MEP candidate Georgina Bernáth said Jobbik was the most popular party among young people, therefore, it was important to represent them in the European Parliament.

One of the most important parts of Jobbik's program is to offer an attractive alternative to young people that left the country for not being able to find employment in Hungary. Bernáth noted that young people are more inclined to remain in Hungary if they find suitable employment. To create jobs we must re-industrialize the country and rebuild the food and agriculture sector concluded her thoughts the Jobbik politician.

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