Pages confirms what most people suspected, there is no case against MEP Béla Kovács

Saturday, May 24, 2014 citing unnamed secret service sources writes that Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács didn't do "classic intelligence work", instead he is guilty of inciting anti-EU sentiments in the organization.

According to the globalist daily, the Russian secret service didn't use Kovács to obtain secret information about the organization but to "disrupt" the daily operation of the European Union by encouraging anti-EU attitude within the organization. (Note: This recalls the time of the 50s when the Stalinist regimes of the Soviet block accused anyone of being an enemy of the working class who didn't openly express enthusiasm for the murderous regimes.)

In other words, Béla Kovács is not a Russian James Bond, not a spy, he did not give confidential information to anyone, he didn't betray his country, but he committed a "crime" by organizing an Eurosceptic coalition of patriotic parties called Alliance of European National Movements.

All these accusations can be summed up by saying that Kovács' only crime is that he opposed the project of the United States of Europe and promoted the concept of the independent nations of Europe, which is part of Jobbik program right from the beginning.

If media reports turn out to be true then the charges against Béla Kovács should be dropped; accusations against the Jobbik politician confirm what most people suspected all along -- intelligence agencies are targeting opponents of the empire building project ordered by behind the scene forces.

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