No wonder that the globalists are attacking Jobbik: according to recent poll by Median, Jobbik is the second force in the country

Thursday, May 15, 2014

No wonder that the globalists start using time-tested Stalinist methods to attack the patriotic Jobbik party (accusing MEP Béla Kovács with spying) in the European Parliament election campaign finish.

The fact that the governing Fidesz party caved in to globalist pressure indicates that the enemies of the nation shifted into higher gear to eliminate the Jobbik party that gradually gaining momentum and has a good chance to finish second in the EU parliament election.

According to latest poll by Median, Jobbik is the second force in the country and has a good chance to win more mandates in the European parliament election than the fake Socialist party, which is in reality a hardcore globalist party saturated with Hungarian haters spying for the cabal.

The poll suggests that among decided voters Fidesz is the most popular party in the country with 56 percent support. Followed by the Jobbik party with 17 percent and the Socialist party with 14 percent support.

Jobbik's continuing growth has been indicated a survey by Viewpoint Institute published on Tuesday; the poll also confirmed that indeed, in the total population Jobbik (13%) is ahead of the fake Socialist party (10%).

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Angela Bogaczy said...

It is very chilling that Fidesz and its leader, Viktor Orban, whom I have long admired, has now sold his soul to the EuroAtlantic alliance, betraying the mandate the trusting Hungarian electorate gave him and his party. Talk is now everywhere about a 'grand coalition' of Fidesz and MSZP (+ the rest of the fake-left trash, including the creepy LMP that barely scraped into parliament) that is committed to the elimination of Jobbik. So much for the 'ballot-box revolution' that Viktor Orban has been celebrating. He has betrayed it shamefully.

As Jobbik spokesman Adam Mirkoczi has just said, we shall once again be dancing to the EU, US, Israel tune. We had tired of doing that. That is why we gave Fidesz two consecutive 2/3 parliamentary presence. Orban Viktor is blithely using this against us now.

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