Picture of the day: Pope Francis

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Do you see something strange in this picture? If not, look HERE for a tip.


Anonymous said...

The Vatican is one of three known interrelated "Sovereign" states within states. The others are the "Sovereign" 10 square miles of real estate constituting Washington, D.C. and the "Sovereign" Square Mile Rothschild Banking Cartel controlled "City of London".

The Debate - Church Child Abuse (P.1) by PressTV News

The Debate - Church Child Abuse (P.2) by PressTV

A UN committee says systematic sex abuse by Catholic clergy could amount to torture. The finding is said to have drastic legal implications for the Vatican. The decades-long scandal has seen tens of thousands of children being raped and molested by priests around the world. The Vatican's UN envoy says more than 800 priests have been defrocked over the scandal. Pope Francis, while creating a commission to investigate the cases has taken personal responsibility for this "evil". But the Vatican is under fire for arguing it has limited geographical responsibility and is accused of placing its own interests over those of victims. So what is the root cause of the abuse? How has the Vatican handled the scandal and who should be held accountable?

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