PM Orbán: Germany is a key strategic ally

Thursday, May 8, 2014

PM Viktor Orbán called Germany a key strategic ally in a press release before meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday in Berlin.

The Hungarian government intends to strengthen and deepen the already excellent German - Hungarian relations in the coming years - said PM Orbán in the meantime thanked Angela Merkel for supporting Hungary over the past four years.

Since 2010, around EUR 6 billion German investment have arrived in Hungary and the German economic presence in the country greatly contributed to the entire region's economic growth.

We are full of plans, ideas, and we feel we can continue developing our county the way we did it in the past four years said the prime minister. He pointed out that in March of this year, Hungarian industrial output was 10.6 percent higher than the previous year.

The prime minister indicated that at the meeting the two sides would discuss the situation in Ukraine as well. We fully support Germany initiatives to solve the crisis; we especially appreciates Chancellor Angela Merkel's personal efforts to achieve a negotiated solution to the Ukrainian crisis. Hungary also supports German efforts to hammer out a single EU plan to resolve the Ukrainian crisis said the prime minister.

However, we do not want to cover up the difficulties ahead of us, we are facing difficult and long-term challenges in Ukraine. We have a rocky road ahead of us; ( ... ) how can we make a democratic and economically prosperous country out of Ukraine that is the question said the prime minister who also pointed out that about 200 thousand ethnic Hungarians are living in Ukraine and their protection and safety is top priority for Hungary.

Angela Merkel's press release emphasized that Germany will never forget that Hungarians opened the “iron curtain” in 1989 greatly contributing to German reunification.

Economic relations between the two countries have developed a great deal in the past 25 years but both sides determined to develop them further.

Speaking of the Ukrainian crisis, Merkel stressed that the May 25th presidential election will be "vital". The crisis should be resolved through diplomatic means; introduction of sanctions against Russia can't be "an end in itself", yet, the European Union won't shy away from economic sanctions if need be - the Chancellor said.

Besides the Ukrainian issues, the two sides also discuss EU related topics including the idea of developing a unified energy policy advocating by Poland as well as the next EU summit and issues of climate change -said Angela Merkel.

Regarding the European Parliament election Merkel added that there was no need to wait for the EU to solve all problems, especially those that can be solved locally. However, there are issues that Brussels can resolve more efficiently; both countries support these approaches of settling issues within the EU context highlighted the German chancellor.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus... what a puff piece. Since when has Jobbik become an Orban worshipper? You're making it awfully hard for me to remain a Jobbik fan.

You forgot to mention
(Let's see if you can figure out who's she talking about when she says: “I often don’t completely agree with his tonality, because he’s among those who at least give the impression that he knows things 100 percent exactly,”)

Everyone knows what Orban says outside of Hungary usually contrasts 180 degrees with what he says at home and Merkel knows that more than just about anyone.

"Since 2010..." as if Hungary hadn't had excellent relations with Germany before that? Most of the best German deals that pay Hungarians the best wages in the country were closed by previous regimes. How does Germany always get a pass when it comes to "evil" foreign globalist MNCs BTW?

HungarianAmbiance said...


This blog not affiliated to any political party; keep this in mind to avoid surprises.

HungarianAmbiance said...

“I often don’t completely agree with his tonality, because he’s among those who at least give the impression that he knows things 100 percent exactly,”


Political theatre.

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