Pro-Fidesz shitstream media almost killed MEP Béla Kovács

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács was on his way to a public forum when he fell sick in the car. He was rushed to the hospital where tests showed that he had angina and heart disease; luckily, the quick medical intervention helped to avert a heart attack. The politician still needs further tests so he remains in hospital for the time being.

The baseless accusations took their toll on the Jobbik politician. Today, the pro-Fidesz media launched another unfounded attack on Kovács by claiming that his home worth hundreds of millions of HUF, but in reality it worth only a fraction of it said the politician to

Responding to the spying accusations started by "Magyar Nemzet" Kovács remarked ironically that "a trained KGB agent can't be so careless and stupid" as the media claim.

Kovács also remarked that the behavior of the hostile media, and government politicians' vile attacks shocked him to the core; in each case, he will take legal action against them.

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