Russia launches alternative Eurovision song contest -- weirdos are not welcome

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Russia launches a new international song contest in one of Crimea's resort cities, Yalta on June 12; the goal of the Russian producers is to make the international song contest an alternative to the Eurovision festival, which deteriorated into a sexual diversity contest and became a platform for pro-gay propaganda.

The alternative Eurovision grand final will be held in the fall in the Caucasus resort city of Sochi. Contestant selection starts in Yalta in the local cultural center in mid-June.

One of the organizers of the event, Viktor Drobis announced that talent will be the sole measure of evaluating performances – but weirdos are not welcome.

South Korea, Japan, and China have already indicated their intention to take part in the event. Organizers encourage contestants to incorporate traditional motifs in their performances so that viewers can enjoy productions from a wide variety of sources.

Udo Winter



Anonymous said...

Is it not ironic?
Russia is evolving, and giving the hope to save Europe's culture and morality which has been under relentless, systemic attack by "you know who" for many DECADES; in fact it's now for over a century.

Anonymous said...

SDU: Salute to the European youth

A Declaration of War From the Youth of France English subs) YouTube

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