Singer-songwriter Natália Bálint's video massage to the Hungarian people before the EU parliament elections

Thursday, May 22, 2014

This is the singer's first video message where she also introduces her new song. In the video Natália points out some of the problems the country is facing - including immigration. The fake left-wing opposition parties and the governing parties are doing their best to divert attention from these issues by spreading slanderous rumors about the nationalist opposition.


Anonymous said...

The slander has just begun...
It will get a LOT worse.
The zio-ogre will stop at nothing(!) to achieve what it wants. Remember: It has no conscience. It has no guilt or compassion. There is no line that it will not cross; it has no internal constraints, and therein lies their success.
BTW: These are all the markers of psychopaths - just that you know.
Unfortunately psychopathy is untreatable and has a proven genetic component (Dr. Robert Hare's research - google it - I read his book), so now we KNOW it's in their genes.

There are things WE just won't do. They have none of those constraints - hence they label us"stupid" b/c we have morality and conscience.
I must admit - and so do the researchers point out - that we, "normals" are at distinct disadvantage against THEM.
I do not know how to overcome a group, that for instance would cut a person's throat and feel nothing v.s. us, who just could not possibly do such a thing, even if it would be justified.

Angela Bogaczy said...

You have put your finger on the absolutely terrifying, Anonymous. Try as one would, one cannot make light of it. We have no resources with which we can confront the psychopaths. We know they are within our tightest body politic, we know who they are, and we know they hate us. My God, why are we so unprepared ... yet again?

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