The head of the Austrian Catholic Church rejoices over gay artist Conchita Wurst winning of the Eurovision song contest

Friday, May 16, 2014

Christoph Schönborn (center)

The head of the Austrian Catholic Church was overjoyed to see gay Austrian artist Conchita Wurst winning of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

"I am pleased that Conchita Wurst who was born as Thomas Neuwirth won such a great prize" wrote Archbishop of Vienna Christoph Schönborn in his usual weekly column one of Vienna's most widely read daily newspapers the Heute on Friday.

In the motley garden of the Lord there is great diversity of organisms; not everyone who was born male feels as male, the same applies for females. They deserve the same respect as anyone else said one of the most influential archbishops in Europe.

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Anonymous said...
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Angela Bogaczy said...

Well, you get an archbishop of this kind when you persist with the demand that priests be celibate. When will the Catholic Church come to its senses in this matter?

HungarianAmbiance said...

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Anonymous said...

@ Angela, the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church is not the issue. The question is how to get these heretics out of our Lord's church. They have created such damage in the last 60 years.
St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Pray for Us!

Anonymous said...

Angela Bogaczy said...

@ Anonymus:

'The question is how to get these heretics out of our Lord's church.'

I submit this answer: Allow priests to marry. That will open the priesthood to healthy men. As it it is, the priesthood works all too well, and all too often, as a cover for deviants.

Anonymous said...

OK. let me rephrase it:
The Austrian Catholic Church Potentate envisions using the esteemed winner's appendage as a lollipop.

Anonymous said...

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