Ukrainian army launched an attack against Slavjansk - an eyewitness account

Friday, May 2, 2014

At 4:30 am Ukrainian army units, interior ministry troops and National Guard troops launched an the attack against Slavjansk; 20 helicopter provided air support for the operation.

The first helicopter, an Mi-8 transport helicopter was almost immediately shot down by the city's self-defense units; shortly after, an MI-24 was also shot down; this is an interesting piece of news because this type of helicopter has only one vulnerable spot, the engine suction inlet.

A bit later, the third helicopter was downed -- the type of the helicopter is not known.

Soon after, the military operation "Morning Blitzkrieg" was called off. The injured pilot of the MI-8 helicopter was captured an taken to hospital with gunshot wounds, his life is not in danger.

The pilot of the MI- 24 helicopter has been found by an Ukrainian army unit; according to eyewitnesses, the injured pilot's gun was taken away by his comrades and was abandoned to his fate.

The fate of the third helicopter pilot is unknown.

Volunteers from nearby municipalities are on their way to Slavjansk to help the defenders of the city.

Arthur Manukian

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Sergei Golyadin reporting from Slavjansk

"There are victims among the Ukrainian military, among pilots. One pilot died, it's for sure, and there is probably another dead pilot. One man was injured, and he was sent to a hospital. It is noteworthy that Ukrainian solders came up to the wounded pilot, took his gun and left him in the field. And when militiamen were carrying him away from the battlefield, snipers fired shots on them.

The TV tower previously controlled by the militiamen is now captured by the Ukrainian army, but Internet is functioning so far, and Russian TV channels are still broadcasting. Just a minute ago, a wounded self-defence fighter was brought to the TV tower. He will be taken to a hospital, he is lightly wounded.

Also quite recently, maybe 20 minutes ago, armoured vehicles approached the roadblock on the Kharkov – Rostov highway, where tough fights took place in the morning and one of the helicopters was bagged, and fired their guns at the roadblock. And snipers were shooting at the militiamen. According to unverified information, Baltic languages were heard there, supposedly, women were speaking. Probably, there were women-snipers from Baltic countries there. But this information has not been verified yet.

Shots are not heard in the city any more. In the morning, citizens were roused by a cannonade of explosions and gunshots, then a siren began to sound informing the citizens about the beginning of hostilities, and the alarm was ringing, too. Now, all the residents come out into the streets. They bring window frames and doors with them – everything that may be of use at the barricades. They cut down trees and heap them across the roads to hinder the movement of the national guards under urban conditions.

Three helicopters were brought down. And half an hour ago, three helicopters landed troops at the TV tower left by the self-defence forces. And in Cherkassk, Right Sector fighters dressed in civil clothes are trying to enter the town in groups of three."

The Voice of Russia


© Photo: "Vesti.Ru"

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry confirmed on Friday that during the active phase of a special operation in the country's eastern city of Slavyansk two military Mi-24 helicopters were downed and one Mi-8 helicopter was damaged, leaving two military personnel dead and several others injured.

"In the Donetsk Region, two Ukrainian military Mi-24 helicopters, which were carrying out aerial patrol were downed. According to preliminary information, the helicopters were shot down by unidentified forces using mobile Zenit rocket systems. As a result, two military personnel were killed and several others have been injured," the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

(the Voice of Russia)


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