Viktor Orbán sworn in as Hungary's next prime minister

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Hungarian Parliament re-elected Viktor Orbán as the next prime minister of the country on Saturday. Orbán received 130 votes in favor and 57 against.

Although the Fidesz has received two-thirds parliamentary majority the government will represent all citizens of the country said the re-elected prime minister.

At this time, it is better for the country to stick with the same course as the the government started in the previous term rather than re-open old debates; the decision of voters clearly shows that they are not interested in reopening fruitless debates said Orbán.

In the next four years the government is going to be consistent in fight against extremism; then, Orbán gave a list of what he considered extremes:

- Any policy that threatens Hungarians' wellbeing,
- Anyone that puts the rights of criminals ahead of victims,
- Any economic policy proposal without sound foundation,
- Anyone who wants to take money from workers to give it to people who are able to work but do not want to work, or who promotes unemployment,
- Anyone who wants to sacrifice the interests of the Hungarian nation on the altar of " the United States of Europe",
- Anyone who wishes to leave the European Union.

Hungarians had to learn after tumultuous times that "he who does not sit at the dinner table, do not be surprised if he find himself on the menu" said newly elected Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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Géza said...

- Anyone who wishes to leave the European Union.

everyone knows the EU is heading to a federal superstate and that the EU is very open and honest about this fact! Orbán knows this....!!! Also immigration into Hungary of third wworld immigrants will rise, because this is planned in Brussel and immigration policies are made there not in Budapest. So Orbán shows his real face and try to blind us from his real agenda by nationalistic blabla!

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