Fifth generation Knyaz Vladimir ballistic missile submarine will be built only from locally manufactured parts

Monday, June 30, 2014


Fifth generation Knyaz Vladimir ballistic missile submarine will be built in Severodvinsk. The nuclear submarine will be built only from domestically produced parts - reports Sevmas news service. This will be top of the line Russian nuclear submarine.

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Istvan Gajdos the head of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance of Hungarians (UMDSZ) resigns

The only Hungarian member of the Ukrainian Parliament hopes that by stepping down he will help forging a united front among Hungarians in Transcarpathia in these critical times of Ukraine's history.

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The U.S. would like to continue buying Russian rocket engines

The United States can't find any manufacturer who could replace the Russian rocket engines for the American space program. The development of the American Atlas V new rocket engine takes at least six years to be completed. During this time, the U.S. has nothing left to launch satellites in space, as the U.S. space program completely relies on Russian rocket technology.

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Miskolc, Hungary's third largest city has received a unique chance to change course

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jobbik Chairman Gábor Vona nominated the head of the party's Miskolc wing Péter Jakab to run as Jobbik mayoral candidate for Hungary's third largest city in the upcoming mayoral election in the fall.

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Ivett Gonda represents Hungary at WTF World Taekwondo Grand Prix tournament in China

Friday, June 27, 2014

Former member of the Canadian national team Ivett Gonda represents Hungary at WTF World Taekwondo Grand Prix tournament hosted by the Chinese city of Suzhou on July 4.

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Picture of the day: The Holy Father walks hand in hand with promoters of homosexuality

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The gay-friendly attitude of the Pope causes great confusion among conservative Catholics.

( - Photo:

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China wants a real alternative to the World Bank

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

China would like an alternative to the World Bank, an institution, which is able to fully take over the financing of the development of Asian countries. To this end yesterday, the Asian Development Bank's share capital was increased to $ 100 billion from the previous $ 50 billion.

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Police ban family event to promote traditional lifestyle during Budapest gay parade

Budapest police chief rejected an application by family groups wanting to promote traditional lifestyle during the upcoming gay procession in Budapest.

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Fifty years ago, more precisely on June 19, 1964, Animals recorded one of the best selling singles of all time "House Of The Rising Sun"

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Hungary ready to participate in EU's Ukraine mission

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In Luxembourg on Monday, Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and trade Tibor Navracsics said that Hungary is ready to undertake a role in a non-military mission by the European Union aimed at consolidating the rule of law in Ukraine .

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Hungary has asked Gazprom to increase natural gas deliveries to the country

Hungary has asked Gazprom to increase gas deliveries to the country's underground gas storage facilities announced the Russian minister of energy in Vienna on Tuesday.

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Poland's FM believes alliance with US is harmful for his country

Poland’s Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told the country’s former minister of finance Jacek Rostovski that the US-Polish alliance is worthless and is in fact harmful for Poland, Wprost magazine reports citing the politician.

As the eavesdropping scandal in Poland exploding, Wprost obtained new details of the secretly recorded conversation took place among several government officials in a restaurant including Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, former government Press Secretary Pawel Gras, the Minister of Government Property Wlodzimierz Karpinski and former Finance Minister Jacek Rostovski.

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Russia wants to replace US computer chips with local processors

Sunday, June 22, 2014

US microchips Intel and AMD will be replaced by domestically-produced micro processor Baikal in a project worth dozens of millions of dollars.

MOSCOW, June 19. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry plans to replace US microchips Intel and AMD, used in government’s computers, with domestically-produced micro processor Baikal in a project worth dozens of millions of dollars, business daily Kommersant reported Thursday.

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Globalist front Amnesty International provocation attempt has been rejected

Globalist front Amnesty International applied for permit to display a 30-square-foot billboard above “Szabadság” bridge depicting two gay men ready to kiss one other.

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Hortobágy Equestrian Days celebration starts today

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hortobágy, 21 June 2014, Saturday (MTI) -. Around four hundred horseback riders from Hungary and the lost territories have come this year's Hortobágy Equestrian Days celebration starting today.

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Judo Budapest GP - Éva Csernoviczki wins gold medal in the 48 kg category

Budapest, 21 June 2014 - Olympic bronze medalist and two-time European champion judoka Éva Csernoviczki shows her gold medal in Papp Laszlo Sports Arena. The Budapest Grand Prix Olympic qualifying international judo competition takes place this weekend. In the finals, Csernoviczki defeated Valentina Moscat of Italy in the 48-kg category winning the gold medal. MTI Photo: Illyés Tibor

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Hungary has been granted observer status in the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ganira Pasajeva, Sándor Lezsák and Zsolt András Bíró in Baku

The hard work of the Hungarian Turan Foundation and the Hungarian government's eastern partnership policy have born fruit.

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Ukraine will face food riots – Ukrainian opposition leader

By Valentin Mândrăşescu

© Collage: Voice of Russia, Petr Simonenko

What is the best way to ruin a country? Let the IMF handle its economy. What is the fastest way to ruin a country? Let the IMF sponsor a civil war in it. Ukraine's junta has chosen both options. According to the calculations made by Prime Minister Yatseniuk, Ukraine requires more than $35 billion to last through this year.

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Jobbik President Gábor Vona visiting Moscow

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jobbik is hoping that Russia will support Hungarian-Rusyn autonomy in Transcarpathia said Vona to Russia Today news agency in Moscow, today.

The Jobbik politician said to RT that ethnic cleansing was going on in eastern Ukraine and the fear was that something similar might happen in Transcarpathia as well.

Jobbik chairman visiting Moscow with party parliamentary group leader, Márton Gyöngyösi and MEP Béla Kovács.

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The Ukrainian civil war won't end anytime soon

The Hungarian Intelligence Agency told to the parliament's National Security Committee behind closed doors to prepare the country for a deepening and protracted military conflict in Ukraine.

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A secret meeting is currently under way in Budapest aiming to coordinate energy policy in the wake of the Ukrainian-Russian gas crisis

A section of the Friendship pipeline that was blown up yesterday in Ukraine has leaned that a secret meeting is under way in Budapest aiming to coordinate international energy policy in the wake of the Ukrainian-Russian gas crisis. Apparently, on Tuesday and Wednesday the Hungarian capital is the scene of a major international effort aiming to deal with the emerging energy crisis affecting the entire Europe if not the whole world.

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God save Ukraine - George Soros is ready to help the civil war stricken country

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

George Soros is ready to help the civil war stricken country - the American financier met Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko in Kiev on Monday.

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2014 Rákóczi memorial march - video

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Polish police detained the head of patriot group Ruch Narodowy

Polish police detained the head of the Polish nationalist movement Ruch Narodowy, Robert Winnicki and board member of the patriot group Krzysztof Bosak yesterday, after an anti-government demonstration.

Last night, more than a thousand people rallied in the capital demanding the resignation of the Polish government due to a leak implicating the head of the central bank of interference with government business.

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The first Transcarpathian victim of the Ukrainian civil war was buried in Beregszász

Nineteen-year-old Roland Popovich whose mother was Hungarian was buried with military honors on Monday in Beregszász. The 19-year-old soldier of the Ukrainian army lost his life this past weekend in the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk.

The final farewell took place in Beregszász urban community center according to Orthodox ceremony celebrated partially in Hungarian. The Munkács 128 motorized brigade contract soldier was killed while performing combat duties near the eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk said Beregszász mayor Zoltán Babji.

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Video of the day: Nana the Border Collie's Amazing Balancing Tricks

Monday, June 16, 2014

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PM Viktor Orbán: Greater latitude should be given to national economies

Greater latitude should be given to national economies in the European Union, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The prime minister talked to the Hungarian media on Monday in Albufeira, southern Portugal where the European People's Party holds a meeting working out policy strategy for the EU parliament 2014 to 2019 term.

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Ágnes Kovács inducted into the International Swimming Hall of fame

Sunday, June 15, 2014

FORT LAUDERDALE (Jan 28) - The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) today announced finalized results of the International Nomination Committee’s recommendations as approved by the Board of Directors for the Class of 2014. Led by Australian swimmer Grant Hackett, this year’s class of 15, representing eight different nations, joins an elite group of over 700 aquatic legends from the Olympic aquatic sports of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, open water swimming and water polo who have been enshrined in the Hall of Fame since 1965.

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Lavrov doesn't know yet if he can work with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchitsa in the future

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchitsa went too far when chanted obscene remarks regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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Ferenc Rákóczi memorial march 2014 - photo report

The Rákóczi Heritage Association and the Rákóczi Equestrian Movement have organized this year's Rákóczi memorial march commemorating to the 311th anniversary of the Rákóczi War independence. The march left Oktogon at 2 pm and ended at the Parliament building.

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The world's oldest pant is 3,000-years-old

The world's oldest known pants have been found in two tombs in western China, which are estimated to be 3000-3300 years old. The straight-cut pants look much like modern-day riding trousers says experts of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin.

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Trianon memorial inaugurated in Tiszaeszlár - photo report

It is very encouraging that the local youth of Tiszaeszlár dedicated to the nation's history, culture, and tradition. "Although, we were not so many, but those who came knew why they were there," writes one of the participants of the inauguration ceremony.

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Pro-Russian rebels shot down an IL-76 aircraft Friday night, all 49 people on board died

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Ukrainian army has suffered the biggest loss so far in the war against the south-east provinces of the country controlled by pro-Russian militia.

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John Morgan: "What Nationalism in Eastern Europe Can Teach the West"

Friday, June 13, 2014

John Morgan, director of Arktos Media, speaks at the 2014 American Renaissance conference about his experience with the Maidan movement in Ukraine and the nationalist party Jobbik in Hungary.

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Hungarian football legend Gyula Grosics dies at age 88

Gyula Grosics was born on February 4, 1926 in Dorog. He played 86 times for the Hungarian national football team and was a member of the legendary Golden Team of the 1950s. He was a member of the Hungarian team that won against England 6-3 on November 25, 1953 in the Wembley.

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Amazing karate kid: Kata performance of a 7-year-old black belt Japanese karateka

Thursday, June 12, 2014

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Acreage of GM crops in the world in 2012

Twenty-eight countries in the world grew genetically modified (GM) crops in 2012; the total acreage of GM crops worldwide 170.3 million hectares.

(MTI -

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Hungarian Day at Azerbaijani Kurultaj

Organized by the Azerbaijani government and voluntary organizations, Hungarian Day will be held in Baku's historic Castle District (Içeri sahar) during this year's Azerbaijani Kurultaj. The Hungarian Turan Foundation's 13-person delegation traveled to the event that covers wide range of cultural activities including concerts, traditional contests and other educational programs.

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Hungary donated USD 1 million to build victims of communism museum in Washington DC

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation commemorated the 25th anniversary of the fall of Communism with a series of events in Washington D.C. on 11 June, organised in cooperation with the Hungarian Embassy.

The Embassies of Hungary and Austria in Washington co-hosted a „Triumph of Liberty” luncheon to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the opening of the border between the two countries, dubbed the Pan-European picnic. At the event, executive director of the Foundation Marion Smith announced the launch of, where donations can be made for the construction of a museum in Washington, DC to commemorate the victims of communism around the world. This initiative also marks the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the 20th anniversary of the setting up of the Foundation. The Hungarian Government has donated USD 1 million for the cause.

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Two thousand Ukrainian troops encircled at Lugansk Airport

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not even a month ago, after brief skirmishes between people's militias and the Ukrainian army Lugansk Airport was taken over by Ukrainian troops. The Western mainstream media celebrated. Victory, however, quickly turned into a nightmare.

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Hungarians remembered the Trianon dictate in London

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Organized by "Magyar Magvető", Hungarians in London remembered the Trianon dictate on June 8, at 11 am at Downing Street in front of the British prime minister's office.

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Confirmed: The Proton-M rocket exploded due to sabotage

The Russian Federal Security Service found evidence that Russia's most advanced satellites carrier Proton-M rocket became victim of sabotage. The rocket that carried a satellite exploded above Kazakhstan last month. Investigators found evidence that failure has been introduced into the system during the manufacturing process and timed in such a way to make the rocket fail in the third phase of its launch and burn up in the atmosphere.

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CEE Chinese language teachers training centre starts to operate in Budapest

BUDAPEST, June 5 (Xinhua) -- The Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Chinese Language Teachers Training Centre started to operate with its first training course at the Confucius Institute of Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE) in Budapest on Thursday.

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Regő Cseppentő wins the King of Pentecost title in Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park

Monday, June 9, 2014

After successfully completing all tests Regő Cseppentő won the King of Pentecost title at the tournament held in the Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park on Monday.

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Russia's UN envoy sure US secret services wiretapping his phone, office

Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin has no doubt that American secret services are wiretapping his phone and bug his office.

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Gypsy criminal celebrated his release from jail by savagely beating and raping a 24-year-old woman in the city of “Makó”

Police arrested a repeat offender gypsy criminal and looking for another one for savagely beating and raping a 24-year-old woman in the city of “Makó”.

The young woman was on his way home from work and around 1 am, two Gypsies attacked and one of them raped her. One of the Gypsy criminals was on probation when the assault and the rape took place.

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Midigma Dorzhieva concert is planned at this year's Kurultaj

Sunday, June 8, 2014

One of the main attractions of this year's Kurultaj - the Tribal Assembly of kindred nations - will be Buryat singer-songwriter Midigma Dorzhieva concert that she dedicates to the memory of our common ancestors.

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Bulgaria suspends the construction of the South Stream pipeline

Following a meeting with U.S. senators on Sunday Bulgarian Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski ordered the suspension of the construction of the South Stream pipeline on the territory of Bulgaria without notifying Moscow reporting MTI.

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Three-time Olympic champion and 31-time world champion kayaker Katalin Kovács gave birth to a healthy baby-girl

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Hungarian Canoe Federation official Facebook page reports that the 38-year-old, 3-time Olympic champion and 31-time world champion kayaker Katalin Kovács gave birth to a healthy baby-girl called Luca, Friday night. This is Kovács' first child.

Katalin Kovács announced in December that she was pregnant.

(MTI -

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Europe's largest Buddhist meditation center has been inaugurated in "Zalaszántó"

His Holiness Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche inaugurated Europe's largest Buddhist meditation center in Zalaszántó, western Hungary on June 7, 2014.

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"Csíksomlyó" Pentecost Mass was celebrated in front of half a million pilgrims

In his sermon, "Marosvásárhely" Archdeacon Dénes Oláh reminded the faithful of the importance of cultural self-awareness.

The Archdeacon said "the Hungarian people and the Székely communities are targeted by faceless demonic forces that want to destroy them (...) and deliver them to the mercy of multinational corporations".

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Hungary struck a deal with Kazakhstan to build one hundred million dollar duck and goose processing plant

Within the framework of a $ 100 million agreement Tranzitker Zrt. will develop duck and goose breeding and processing facilities in Kazakhstan.

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Hungarian government offices will be scattered across the country

Friday, June 6, 2014

According to government spokeswoman Éva Kurucz, the prime minister's office will move to Buda Castle district, near Sándor Palace, in the convent of the Carmelites no later than March 15, 2016.

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Repeat offender gypsy criminal sentenced only two years and ten months in prison for an attempted murder

In the summer of 2011, a gypsy horde attacked the doorkeeper of a nightclub in Vas county, which nearly ended in murder.

According to the victim, a group of gypsies arrived in the early morning hours - a mix of boys and girls - to the nightclub and tried to enter into the facility without paying admission fee.

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Donbass People's Militia set up the first anti-aircraft regiment in south-east Ukraine

Donbass People's Militia set up the first anti-aircraft regiment significantly upgrading the people's militia military capabilities. After obtaining large amounts of air defense equipment, the leadership of the militia has decided to set up the air defense regiment as soon as possible.

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Ukrainian border guards fled to Russia

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ukrainian custom and border protection officers in the city of Dolzansk fled to Russia.

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Putin signed amendment of the citizenship act

Concealment of dual citizenship in Russia has become a criminal offense after Vladimir Putin signed the amendment of the citizenship act. The Russian President has also signed a second bill, which simplifies the registration of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as foreign agents.

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